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Monday, August 29, 2011

Purpose_Guidelines For This Blog

Welcome to Home Is Cool 101 Links - blog. I am so happy you stopped by. A brief rundown about this blog.

The purpose of this blog is to help All who are:
  •  Interested In and Considering Homeschooling, Who have Just started Homeschooling and of course All Veterans of Homeschooling.  This blog has been a year in the making and FINALLY it is up and running for all to use. You are welcome to link to me by email and or snatch my button(s) at the top left side of the page.
Please note: This blog is here for purposes that benefit everyone as well as a ministry purpose to help those that need help or direction on their homeschool journey. Please be courteous to this blog when reposting any posts from this site or snatching codes_links for Repost.  I do ask that you link any and all posts_coded links that were borrowed from this site, to this site when reposting it on your blog or networking site. Thus crediting this site as this site holds ownership to all posted on this siteIn advance I want to say, Thank you for your respect and cooperation.

Why do I note this post?
  • In the past I have seen and watched fellow bloggers put in hard work to their blogs to help assist others searching for ideas or help, only to have some other blogger(s) come in steal from their blog and take credit for work they did not do. It is impolite to snatch a post from a fellow blogger with out showing a courtesy post linking it back to the Original owner and poster as well as their site. Therefore, All I ask is that every visitor show respect and courtesy towards the purposes of this blog as well as making any repost. Days as well as late nights were put in to this blog to bring forth resources for all to use. Please be kind link to me as you repost from this blog. :)
We are all on a wonderful journey with our children and can help eachother as well as learn from eachother. 

It is my prayer that you have found this site to be useful for your homeschooling journey and needs. You are welcome to link to me by snatching a button or email as I noted previously. I am so happy you stopped by and I hope to see you back again. Please feel free to leave a comment or share any links that you may not see here. I do recognize individuals that share with this blog.

Should there be any questions or comments in regards to any post please message me by leaving a post. All comments will be on moderation and will be approved before posting. 

Thank you again for stopping by and your courteousness is deeply appreciated. 

Happy Schooling from me - Homeschool101.

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