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Monday, August 16, 2010

Curriculum Note

Recently on The Homeschool Lounge I made a post on Curriculum. You will notice the drop down box to the left of this screen for Curriculum Sites. It IS Loaded full of places you can look at Curriculum buying or view their product and look for bargains to buy it elsewhere. Again I remind you to read this post http://homeizcool101.blogspot.com/2010/07/curriculum-buying-tips.html on bargain hunting when buying your books. It will help you save the money and buy what you are looking for. NOTE: You can buy some products cheaper on whole sale sites like Christian book distributors or other sites like Lampost. These are examples of sites that do sell some of the name brands curriculum a little cheaper then buying them on the curriculum brand site. [ex. Apologia, Alpha Omega sites and others]

You will note a lot of sites are being added for Curriculum. I am going to put on a lot for you to have a selection to view of books. However in this post I will note the top LIKES for Curriculum. Remember on your hunt, that you can substitute any subject you would like. You do not have to buy your curriculum all from one place. You may find it cheaper or you may find an other that teaches one subject better then one you are looking at. Its important to research before you buy. Also remember that you can find a lot of things FREE online to incorporate through out the school year to save money.

In the curriculum drop box you will find Christian and Non Christian Sites for Curriculum. So please feel free to do a browse or suggest any you may not see in the drop down box.

Like, Like, Like....

Answers In Genesis Science [Gods Design]
Apologia - [Science - All Ages]
Abeka - [All Curric - All Ages]
Alpha Omega - [All Curric - All Ages]
Bob Jones - [All Curric - Elementary Rec]
Handwriting Without Tears - [Special Needs and Lower Elementary Recom]
Horizons - [All Curric - All Ages]
Math U See [Rec. 4 Elementary]
Saxon  Math  [Lower/Upper Elementary]
Teaching Textbooks - [Math Recom. Elementary]
Diane Waring History [Answers In Genesis - [All Ages]

Many Blessings and have a great school year!

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