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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Why Is Curriculum So Expensive?

Ok so.. I have to hit this question and asnwer it again maybe more in depth this time. I made a post last year about : Tips on Buying Curriculum which I will link to this post at the bottom.

Recently I got in on a discussion in a hs forum and have since seen this same discussion in several others. These were a few of the most asked questions:

Why is buying curriculum so expensive? How much do you spend on your curriculum?

At most I seen someone write they spend over $400.00 + on curriculum between two of their kids. OUCH! My goodness that is my arm and two legs! My thoughts were - [jaw dropped] Are you kidding me? I can not imagine spending that much on my two kids let alone on all four of my kids. Goodness gracious!

Folks I can tell you I use Alpha Omega Lifepacs, Diane Waring History [Did cost me some], Answers In Genesis Science [Gods Design], Saxon Math, Teaching Textbook, Steck Vaughn and the names can go on as for the brands I have bought as well as use. I can honestly say, I have not spent that much in my time of schooling with the exception of my first year of schooling when I had NO CLUE!
Alot of times I was blessed with many hand outs, Freebies, and GREAT deals.

There was some great advice wrote out in this forum by veterans and bargain mommies, but a lot of advice that homeschooling is expensive. My guess is this kind of advice came directly from a new homeschooler or someone who does not have the time or make the time to save.....

Ladies and Gentleman  [Drum Rolls Please]  I have great news for you ---


Homeschooling costs all depend on Y O U!

Straight to the point with a lot of  ♥ - Bluntly!  If you want the best of the best and refuse to use the USED curriculum then get ready to pay the big bucks! If you are not willing to look for the deals or stick within a budget - Then get ready to spend the big bucks for your material!!   Look there is no other way of spelling it out clear then being straight forward and blunt!

You can buy good curriculum that is used just about anywhere. There is nothing really wrong with used curriculum unless pages are missing or books are wrote in or some parts of the curric missing. Shipping in some cases may be the only thing that goes against the used curric and sometimes the cost - as some people think they can make a big buck off of their curric. Gently used maybe but good wear and tear, sorry not a chance.

You just need to shop wise and be willing to put in a little extra time to do the shopping. Listen if you are a new homechooling parent, please listen to this advice and be willing to hunt for the bargains.

What can you do?

  • Follow the tips in my post that you will see linked at the bottom of this post.
  • Test your child so you know what curriculum to look out for.
  • Review curriculum to see what is going to be best for your child.
  • Make a list of the curriculum you are interested in and shop around for different prices. Be sure to write down the sites you visited and the price at that site as well as the stores and the prices from that store.
  • Be sure you cross off the things you have already bought so you do not buy doubles.
  • Try to stick within a budget.
  • Shop and Trades are great. So are the other places I noted in the post you will find linked below this post.
  • Dont forget GOOGLE has loads of FREE resources!
In times we face now we are all looking to save as much as we can. This is why shopping around to bargain hunt is a MUST! Otherwise just like the old saying goes :  You get what you pay for!

  • You want good curriculum bought new you will pay the high cost for it!
  • You want to save some money, then you will be willing to shop around and find the deals.

New or Used curriculum.  I really want to make this post to help you as well as encourage you. There are a lot of ways to save as well as stick with in the budget. You just have to be willing to put in the extra time.

I also wanted to note this one thing, ALL textbooks will note a copy right. However, I did check in to this to ensure I would be ok doing this.. With most textbook companies, You can make copies of their pages as long as you are using them for your child and not making copies to give away to others schooling. If you rather make a copy of a page then write in the book in most cases you will be fine BUT... You MUST use the pages you print off for your children. The copy right is noted that you can not print them off to sell them or give them away to others schooling.

I used to think I had to have the new everytime. However, I have 4 kids schooling now. So from my oldest if I know it is curriculum I plan to use later on with my younger ones I will not get rid of it. I will hold it back for my younger ones coming up. I sell what I wont reuse and buy new or used depending on the deal I am getting. Some curriculum does not change, some will need updated versions. But it really all depends on you.

For more information on Curriculum buying tips you can read my post: Tips on Curriculum Buying noted in the link below.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

this year we went to a HS Store that happen to of been having a sale that day ,and we bought used. Then when done we can take the books back and get some of our money back...Which if you only have 1 child like me Or if you happen to NOT like it is a good deal, at least I wont be throwing money out the door .