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Monday, August 16, 2010

Our Curriculum & School

Ok I am a bit behind because of Vacation. But catching up. Lol!  MOST of Everyone is making their post on their school/classrooms, Let me catch up. Some wont be starting until Sept after holiday. So I guess I am not to far behind, Lol! 

We are going back to ALPHA and OMEGA Lifepacs this year. My daughter likes that curric better then the HORIZON on computer curric. I have to say, I do to, that curric on computer was a bit more over her head as well as setting it up was a bear - No thanks to Windows Vista. Blah!

In the midst of our school curric, I decided to do a switch up. I am using Alpha Omega Lifepacs only for, Language Arts, Some of Science & Math.

History, last year we began - The History of the World and Loved it so we will stick with it for all history use. [All Ages] [Bad Picture, Lol!] This is a great book for all ages and also had a workbook and more to go along with it.

All though we are using Alpha Omega for some of our Math, We are also trying out the Straight Forward WorkBooks.  [GarlicPress.com]

In with our AOP Science I put my own curriculum together on Creation Science vs Evolution Science for all of my kids and also doing a group study with a good friend. We wanted to get through it last year but in putting it together and all it had to be postponed because it is a lot of FACTUAL pieces. I wanted to make sure it was laid out right and not rushed before I taught my kids and before we got together as a group. For the most part in the group will be the basic study and alone with us will be an in depth stretched out study spending a little more time in depth in a few more areas. Not much but a little more to cover other areas.

We will also continue on in our FRENCH learning, We are adding a HomeEc subject in to our schedule. My daughter loves Fashion Designing so we will do some learning on Sewing, Knitting, Crocheting and Cooking of course who could leave that one out. :) Ohps, Cant forget the ASL - Sign Language we will continue on this year with.  http://www.start-american-sign-language.com/learn-sign-language-asl.html You can get Downloadable lessons and videos here if you are interested in doing sign language also. The videos are here -  http://www.start-american-sign-language.com/american-sign-language-dictionary.html 

My keypboard went kurplunk last year so we have not been able to get a new one. If we are able then we will add lessons on Keyboard in to our fun. Older Daughter may work on her guitar lessons more, Otherwise we are just going to do some simple baisc music fun with smaller instruments - Tamborine, chime, etc...

So let me see that covers Upper Elementary some Lower, Lol!  More Lower Elementary, We found a few little work books at the $1 Dollar tree, that we will blend in with our PHONICS learning. [They are in the little ones workboxes drawer, We will also keep with our Lapbook making & learning. ♥ em! 

We again will use the Steck Vaughn Phonics Book for my 3 & 4 yo, and a recap before heading forward with my 5 yo. [My 3 yo is begging to school with her bubby, so I can not refuse her what she wants to learn. But we wont over do her just yet. :)  Also, We will implement at our computer station their learning programs. They will rotate programs out so they are not on them all the time or bored with them. 

Select programs to use:
Of course we cannot forget STARFALL and countless others online, but we also have some programs we were able to get a hold of cheap at garage sales and online ordering sale or clearance. One of my most recent ones I just got "Read Way" offered at  http://www.mathville.com/ as well as countless other programs on reading, phonics, word making, sentenceing, shapes, numbers/letters recognition, rhyming, sequencing and really so much more.

I am jam packed loaded with options to incoporate this year as like I said, I found a whopper of a selection at a garage sale this year and for $2.50 I walked out with 10 programs and all work just fine. :) BARGAINS! As well as some happy meals from chic fil a that are educators... They are all over the place, so am I really. Lol!

I made two posterboard word wall stations out of the presentation poster board. I have a preschool station, Kinedergarten/First station. There they will learn words, shapes, numbers, letters, counting, and more. I have a few things left to add on the preschool station and WordWall but you can see some of the WordWall station in the pictures I will add below this post. Its bland but it serves its purpose. Lol! I just use clothes pins to hold the words up. I have a pocket for the words and they are turned around so they are not confusing. 

Also note that in the picture below you wont see my computer station as I just started working this, so I dont have pictures of my computer station just yet. You can see most of our set up, is our dining room area. I forgot to take picture of table where we work but who needs to see all that. my computer is upstairs in our room where I have an other table set up like my office and older school material for my oldest. But for the most part you can see from this set up where we are most of the time if it is not a lazy day. Lol! 

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God Bless you all and Happy Schooling!


Kylie said...

looks like you are pretty much sorted for the year...you've been busy that's for sure. :)

Mama to 4 said...

WOW! What great curriculums & homeschool classroom! Thank you for linking up to my Show me your curriculum! Please come back & link up to my Show me your classroom Monday 8/23. I signed up to follow you! Can't wait to read more! Enjoy the rest of your week!
:) Nicole

Miss Charlene said...

Wow, looking great! Yay for sign language! Oh, and the deals you get for your workbooks & stuff! The Creationism vs Evolution sounds awesome! I'd love to do that with mine when they get a bit older! :)

homeschool101 said...

Charlene, I will definately share all my resources to this one once we begin hitting it. Plus I am trying to convert file in to PDF's so others can download them and use them to. So I will let you know when I do that. :)

Gottjoy! said...

You are so organized! Love seeing the pictures of your area. I got some ideas from your list, too!
You have a beautiful blog! Just became a follower=)...

homeschool101 said...

Thank you karen! :)