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Monday, February 22, 2010

Hieroglyphs fun

Well we had a blast today making challenging Hieroglyphs. We are learning about the Pharoahs, Egypt culture and how in the world they made these hieroglyphs as a means of communication. LOL! It looks easy, but I assure you it is not as easy as it looks. But I am really fascinated with learning them. My dd1 was like, O man, do we have to? It looks so hard. But really the hardest part is the concentration needed to focus on making the right symbol and then drawing the picture it is related to.. Now I didn't get 3 pic added in. I really ran out of room. This was my sample page. Tomorrow what we get done and my dd does, I will share that with you.
Yay, so much fun.
Going along with our lesson we watched two films on Discover channel about King Tut. I am happy to report I knew before the good doctor that they had found King Tuts mother and grandmother, just by looking at the mummies. The ended up doing a DNA test to prove me right! I love this learning with my kids, it makes me feel so much smarter then I was. Lol! My DH looked at me and said, How did you do that? I said, when you are studying the facts about King Tut and reading things that relate to him or about other family members presumed MIA and yet they have found un identified royal mummies and a few of them are badly damaged to one missing her royalty arm, it makes you suspicious and you start putting some of the facts together and this is what you get. He laughed of course, naturally I just said and I am smart to. bahahahaha!
Although it is still uncertain if Kira is King Tuts mother, I am hoping the good Dr will prove my theory correct and find the proof they need to name the mummy that we now know is indeed King Tuts mom.
Why am I so in to this you ask, I have always been fascinated with Egyptology and learning about the mummies and all that. Plus When they discoverd King Tut last year Indianapolis was one of few cities that were apart of the brief display tour they did before taking him back to a permenant rest in Egypt. How exciting is that! Yay! Have a great evening now turned to morning everyone! :)
God Bless!

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