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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Here it is : Our Huge Lapbook on The Civil War

Ok, so I copied this post from my other blog and re-posted it over here. Its an old one but I have had and seen a lot ask about ideas on lapbooking. Here is one we did not all at once but over time kept adding. I love this one. Took a lot of work and put it to use over time.  If you can not see the images on the post you will have to click the VIEW IMAGES button under the slide footage.
Thanks for looking.

 Here is in a slide view our Lapbook_Notebook Binder. We will begin doing our books like this for less folder use as well as storage organization of our books we make. This was a blast and we are still not finished with this binder. This is minus a report my oldest wrote on Samuel Morse and Morse Code. She is finalizing it to add in to lapbook pages. She also has a few notebook pages she has not finished up yet.

In this binder right now we have information on :

The History of Civil War Days
Some on Harriet Tubman, Underground Rail Road [Few things yet to add]
Recipes on Civil War Days
Samuel Morse and About Morse Code/Telegraphs

To add shortly to this binder - We will wrap up with the following pieces of information for this binder:

The History of Gettysburg and Gettysburg Address
President Abraham Lincoln
Emancipation Proclamation
More on Underground Rail Road and slavery
About Our Flag

Please enjoy our slide show. I have a few references I noted below that we used. But for the most part a lot of this is from our own research and pulling here and there.

If for some reason slide don't show up, scroll down some under slide is tabs you will want to click view all images. Thanks!

Here are some of my pictures to the binder we created for the Civil War time frame. This pertains to a lot of different events that happened around the Civil War and we will continue to add little by little  as each of my children grow and study the civil war. This is more like a new tradition you could say. Each of my children have added to the first lapbook my oldest created on the Civil War. Each Spring we recap and add more. How neat!  (I might add, these are older pictures as now we have a BIG FAT White Binder that holds the add ins.)    

Because the slide share closed down I had to add the pictures to blog and unfortunately they are scattered some. Sorry.










Some Resources we used :

Civil War Lapbook Homeschoolshare:

Site with few links on it:

Lapbook Lessons:

Civil War Lapbook:

History of Telegraph/Morse Code:

About Civil War ships:

Civil War Flags :

Civil War Recipes:

Feel free to ask any questions you may have.

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