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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Our Computer Station.... Finally!

Here FINALLY are the pictures of our Computer Station. Just got it up and going tonight, nearly took a ride with the computer hutch down the stairs. Lol! God love my hubby, but I just can not wait for when it is good for him to help me move it. Lol! Me and my oldest we just took a leap and jumped on it. WALA! I took advantage of the openess and the Doors as well as outer wall of the Hutch. Its just a cheap Walmart Hutch thing so who cares... Lol!

You can see in the first picture, Doors closed, outside doors - I put our shelf boxes on one side, works great holds our daily pieces to calendar, weather and etc. On the other door is our daily routine we can change out the stations as we go through each day, [Love Velcro Dots]. 

Picture 2 is more of side view of doors as well as my home made Bulletin Felt Board and Calendar [Yes my calendar is moved up a few weeks. Lol! I have my reason for that it was called VACATION and Cancellation] ;)

Picture 3 is the inside of the hutch, computer and computer programs as well as workbooks for next term we will rotate out later on. ;)

Picture 4 you can see our long Felt Counting mat. I love love love it. So much to go with the Felt change out - ;) We have numbers, block counting, patterns and more for that mat. ;)

Picture 5 is more of a close up of the Doors to hutch Closed. Work Stations and Shelf Box. :)

Picture 6 is in side one of the doors. It is the days in schools as wells as learning Place Value of numbers. I have velcro dots on the numbers to stick up and they are up top of hutch in a baggy ready for use. ;)

Last but not least is the top of the hutch. Mind you this use to be our dining room, well I will do a full view tomorrow to show you are mini classroom. :) Hey, I love my dining room, but when we have limited space, you take advantage of what you got. I am hoping to move here soon. I guess we could re do loft and make a school room, but I already have a good setup downstairs which motivates us to get moving. Lol. Plus colder down there, reall wakes you up when you are a sleep in the am. :) Brrr!

My little ones are definately excited about their computer station. Big Sis too.  For her I think she is just glad to have the computer out of her room so kids wont mess up her room. ;)

What do you think?  I have lots of goodies to share later on. Hope everyone had a great weekend. ;)


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