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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Todays Native Art Is............

So today with our lessons continuing on Native Americans. We made our beaded necklaces. We learned about the beads and their symbols as well as the feathers and their symbols and why it was important to the Natives to wear them. Been a fun day. Kids are having a blast. I actually got a compliment from my oldest, and I quote her: "And I thought school this year was going to start off boring doing this Native learning, I am actually learning and having a blast.."

She so doubted my fun, Bahahaha! All are having a blast. You can see in the pictures below. I found the closest I could on some of the beads to resemble replica beads, cheap at dollar store. I did buy the dried grass/hay to use but kids didnt have patience to use it and I got tired running back in forth so we just let them use the elastic string that came with the beads. I did make one however out of the grass. Also noted in the pictures. I have seen some Native Necklaces with feathers and others with out. So I went ahead and put the feathers in the bead that appeared to be the tightest on the necklace to ensure it held the feather. One on each side on a few and two on one side on an other. Just did it differently. 

[Hint: you can also see in the background of one of the pictures below, our weave stand. We have three colors going and starting to add another. Not to mention my daughter is starting a smaller weave above the one we have already started. We decided to add a cross in the center of the first weave we started, so we have it going in a few sections. ]

Last but not least, you see my little boy does not want to give up the rabbit skin for another. He has staked his claim on it and keeps petting it. Lol!

Tomorrow we are off for cleaning day and we will hop back on board Native fun Monday, Summing the week up with the festivals next weekend. Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

1 comment:

Susan Evans said...

I love it! I have been brainstorming on how to make an Egyptian necklace, since that's what we're studying for homeschooling right now. I think I might just go buy beads instead of making them. I need to have some beads dangle downwards, though, so I'm still thinking about what I'm going to do.