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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Do Homeschoolers Deserve A Tax Break?

So I am merely posting this to see where everyone stands on this new debate heading to the Washington to the House this year! Before replying to this discussion, I would like everyone to read this article about the bill first.


So, by now you have already read the article. Allow me to throw out just a few of many thoughts I have and then I would like to hear from you.

A few years back when I first started Homeschooling, I thought it would be great and fair for us to get tax cuts. After all our children are not in the public schools. Next, I was just starting out so the cost for schooling was OUCH! But that was before I found out all the wonderful ways of cutting cost in schooling our children. Yes - homeschooling can be costly but only if we dont do our digging and shopping to get the good deals.

For the most part, it really is not as costly as I thought it could be or was. Besides in the long run we are saving ssooo much money vs allowing our kids to be in public school system. [Not just cost of books or fees for attending some public-private schools, but lunch money, field trips and so forth] If we take some time to jot down all the cost we would have an estimated total to see the cut in homeschooling vs public schools, plus waisted a few hours or even the whole day. However, I dont have that time at the moment to do so. Another thing to point out on cost for homeschooling, is that some parents desire new curriculum over used and can afford to buy the curriculum new. However, ALL curriculum is great non the less be it used or new.

At any rate, after reading this article and my time as a parent of a homeschooler thinking back, I am not sold on this bill and I do not want it. If we really think about it truthfully, and I have to bite my tongue while I say this crossing fingers you are not too offeneded at hearing some truth, I hope you understand and see it how I am putting it, noting I am not trying to be rude in speaking some truth...

"Truthfully, If we are honestly looking at this from all angles, it is selfish for homeschoolers to want this bill to pass." I understand some struggle to school, but honestly, there are ways of schooling that are not costly at all.[If you need ideas or ways to help, pm me I would be happy to send them your way.]

If we honestly sit back and think about it, Everyone has to pay taxes and everyone pays towards the schools. Thus includes, The Elderly, Married Couples with no kids, Married Couples with kids, Married or Single Individuals with Graduated Kids, Single Individuals, Even Our Kids when they begin to work. There is no way of getting around it. We all have to pay towards these schools for taxes. So honestly, if we take a moment to think about it, It is not fair for homeschoolers to get a tax break while others have to pay for these schools to thrive be it if they have kids or dont.

The next thing I want to point out, if you read this article all the way through, you saw that any homeschooler that accepts the tax cut has to follow some stipulations, one being testing their children. Sorry, But... This is WRONG WRONG WRONG! We should not have to accept a form of propaganda - proposition so to say from the government in order to recieve ANYTHING! Thats like me telling a bogus great idea, feeding you as much bait that I can to leur you in only to drop the bomb on you after I have you sold that I have stipulations. Like for instance, I will give you ALL the cheat sheets with All the answers to every test - Thats a lifetime of answers to every test the government hands out, In turn you pay me $100,000,000.00.

This is the governments way of telling you, Hey, I will give you a tax credit since you homeschool, however, your going to start doing things my way. First off you will test your kids, next off they will mandate your curriculum be theres and only theres and so on.

Please pay close attention before accepting anything they are offering to you! Know what the details are, if there are any hidden catches, bargains or deals they want you to make with them, before accepting a deal with them.
From my stand point, One of several reasons we homeschool is to keep the Government at a distance, We do not need them telling us what curriculum to buy, when we need to arrange our schedule to teach our child[ren] this or that [if they are ready or not for that teaching]. Keeping in mind that not all children learn as fast as others. We do not need to be told how to do this or that... That really is not taking our children or their learning in to consideration at all.

Keep in mind that this is just the beginning. What is said to be behind door number 1 is not guranteed that it wont get tougher behind the next door they try to open. The HSLDA has over the last several years, warned and continues to warn families that the Government is trying to come between them and their homeschool. This is just one door opening IF we allow it for them to control homeschooling for everyone.

Some parents say, "I dont mind having my children tested, Its actually helping me to be accountable to my child and schooling. Its also ensuring me they are learning all they need!"
If your one of these parents, Sweetie, you can have your child tested each year for free or pay a small fee. You dont need the government to test your child. There are plenty of standardized test out there you can buy with your curriculum or take them to a tutoring facility where they can test them for you.Allow me to make a few points, Truthfully, We do not care about the government standard testing for several reasons. In general we should look at a vast majority of the schools across this country today. They are graded just like our kids are in school. The majority of schools recieved F's with an overall grade for the country at a D. They are failing our kids! Why? The Government controls what they are teaching and what are kids are learning. FLAT NOTHING! I have family who teaches in the school system, I have spoken to numerous teachers from all over and all agree that the school system has made jurrassic changes dampering the teaching for kids today. None of them agree or like these changes. Not to mention the textbooks have been remodified for what the Government wants taught to these kids, eliminating many facts from textbooks replacing them with falsified information in as factual evidence. I realize not everyone teaches Christian based schooling, however, I have to ask secular based teachers, dont you want your children to know the truth be it from christian view or secular view? Dont you want the best for your children be it Christian view or Secular view? I think we all can agree and say YES!

So why would I agree to a bill that should I agree to accept the tax cut will mandate my children to test per Governement standards that I disagree with. An other thing I want to point out is, if we do our research [and if I can locate the graph I pulled sometime back - I will post the link] If we research homeschooling there is a growth in homeschooling. Over the past 5 years homeschooling has climbed jurasticly. Much of those homeschooling commented the schools were not meeting the childs needs. Much commented they are schooling because of safety of their children be it sickeness or bully and other threats against their children. Non the less homeschooling is climbing. A vast majority of those homeschooling are because the public schools are not meeting the needs for their children. [One of the reasons we pulled our oldest child out. With that being said, I will note all of our children are learning better home then they could and [one] did in the public schools. I certainly would not agree to the government testing. This is just another form of control.

On the other note, I do see and agree that testing would hold some accountable to their children. I have seen families who claim to homeschool their children but dont. I see their children all the time doing or say things that are just not that prove they do not school at all. Merely just sit at home because.... While I agree that there are some poor homeschoolers, I do agree that there are more great homeschoolers then there are poor homeschoolers. Just because one poor homeschooler needs held accountable does not mean that the rest of the homeschoolers should be held accountable to.

I want to ask those of you who disagree with this bill and even those who agree with this bill, I want to as you to clarify your concerns to me as if this should pass or not and why? I would like to post my findings on my blog later on. I also want to note, that homeschoolers are being asked to write their legislation on this bill. This year is a year we will see education in the spotlight. The Obama administration has made that clear that change is in the air. I want to note that ALL homeschoolers should stay up to speed on the latest news with the eductaion by following the HSLDA or following your legistlative news. These are important times and changing times. We all need to be aware of and stay up to speed.

In my final note, I want to ask all of you, my fellow homeschool lounge sisters, Please be respectful to the views of others while posting. Be clear on why you stand of what you post but respectful none the less towards any one posting.

Please take the time to contact your local legislator as well as HSLDA to vote NO for this BILL!

Blessings to you all!

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