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Friday, July 29, 2011

Welcome Back Greeting!

Welcome back to an other great school year! I trust you all had or are having a wonderful break. :)
If you are a new follower, I welcome you to my homeschooling links blog. Feel free to share this blog with other schoolers as well as snatch any of my blog buttons and link to me. You will find them at the upper left side of this page.

I wanted to point out that I added more and rearranged all the dropboxes. I hope you will find this blog useful to your schooling needs. I am excited about all the new drop boxes with better organization and I still have more to come. 

Please Note: All Curriculum and School Subjects by grades are located on the left side of this screen. You will need to scroll down to see all drop boxes.

If at anytime you find a link not operating properly, please send me a comment and I will run over and check that it is added correctly. Please accept my apologies up front and I thank you for the heads up. There are so many links out there I know I will not have room for all of them, but I do hope for the basics that I can make room. :-) 

I just wanted to send an update out to my followers updating you on the changes. I will still keep my other homeschool blog up for posting our journey and ideas. If you follow my other blog I am slowly weaving through old posts and deleting the links. I will keep our ideas or projects up, but the rest will be deleted to eliminate clutter and make way for new posts. I will use this blog for the purpose of sharing the links we run across and others that may be of use for all our benefits.

If your not a part of the homeschool lounge community, my button is off to the upper left. You can follow me on the lounge as well as others. Its a great community for homeschoolers of all homeschooling types, across this country and even global. There are a lot of different support groups, and you can link up with locals connecting on the WWW.
Check us out at http://www.thehomeschoolounge.com/

At any time if you have a link and want to share it, feel free to send me a comment. I appreciate all of you for following me and leaving me such encouraging feedback. Thanks again and I hope you all have a great school year.

Happy Schooling Everyone! :)  

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