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Monday, September 12, 2011

Fossil Art

I thought I would share this in light of our school day!

Tomorrow we will be making a few different fossils with clay art and letting them dry out so we can finalize them after learning todays lessons.

So, who wants to make some fossils?  :)

What you need:

Clay that will Dry 
(you can get this most anywhere. Walmart has Crayola drying clay)

Fossil items
(this is where you get to raom your yard and find items to fossilize.
Rocks, Leaves, Stems of a tree, etc)

Brown Shoe Polish

Aresol Hair spray

Wax Paper

What do we do: I recommend working clay in hand before you roll it. When your ready to roll the clay out  you can do one of two things. Roll it on the table then carefully place it on the wax paper to fossilize or roll it on the wax paper and fossilize. Either way, when it is all said and done you want the fossil on the wax paper for drying.
You will need to roll out the clay to size, (may need a small bowl of water to keep clay moist). If you choose a leaf lay it on the clay and gently press to mold the forming of the leaf. You will want the vein side of the leaf facing down in to the clay. After your through, gently remove the leaf and see if it is to your staisfaction.
If it is not, rework the clay and attempt to redo the leaf fossil again. (keep repeating until you have the fossil you want).

Next, Let the fossil dry (May take 2-3 days to air dry thoroughly. You do not want this partailly dry.)

After the clay is completely dry, you will need to pain the Brown Shoe Polish on the fossil , Then spray the aresol hair spray over it and let it dry. Wallah, You have a fossil art.

Have Fun!


Anonymous said...

you can also use vaseline, and plaster of paris..thats what we do and it works great...I think Jacob has pics of his on his blog

homeschool101 said...

I did not know this. Lol! That is great, now I know this for the next time. I booked it out to get shoe polish. Lol!