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Thursday, September 1, 2011

New School Year Begins...

Hi everyone!  First, I feel like I need to apologize as I have neglected this blog some so I could finish my links blog. I honestly have been spending alot of my time posting and working over there so it could be up and running for this coming school year. if you havent stopped by yet please come by and let me know what you think.  You can visit by clicking on my button below. I would love to hear your feedback.

Now for next order of business, lol. Sounds like a mission huh! Schools begins for us on Tuesday. Woohooo! I am sooo ready and so are the kiddos. Lol! So I am curious as to what all your day will look like. I am still in the midst of arranging and rearranging my day plan but here is an idea of what our year will consist of just not in any set plan. Lol!
My Oldests year will consist of the following:
Main Subject wise we will do the noted:
  • BIBLE - Daily Bible Lessons

  • Grammar - Alpha Omega Language Arts

  • History - Diane Waring  (From AIG)

  • Science - Gods Designs/Biology (From AIG)

  • Math - Teaching Textbooks

  • Health - Anatomy, Healthy Wellness, Eating Healthy, Fitness, Life Savers 


  • Music -  (Guitar / Keyboard Lessons - still waiting on arrival of our new keyboard, Yay!)

  • Foreign Language -  French

  • Home Economics  and  Survival Intro   (These are of my own curric. Sites are noted at side in drop box if you are interested)

  • Art

  • Typing

This year I am adding: GOVERNMENT earlier then usual. Why? Look at all that is going on around us. My dd is 13 going on 14 I think she is old enough to study some Government. We did Thomas Paine last year (common sense). She picked up on it well an is even watching all the events and what going on in our Government, she is remarking things to history and even wise beyond her age as for the decision of this Government. (proud of my girl)

As a part of Government this year I will be incorporating some of the following:
  •  The Story of The Constitution ( if interested, you can find it over at Christianbook.com)

  • Briefly covering several other areas of Important Documentation as well as meaning of each one and history. (examples: Bill of Rights, Declaration of Independence)

  • Politics including Election of coming year (planning to hit this more towards mid/end of school year)

  • Branches of Government and their purpose

  • We will take a close look at Congress and The House.

The reason I am hitting this now is merely because it has been on my heart to educate her now while all is going on, but the other reason is if we all look at the public schools, they are dumbing the kids in the public schools. I give you exact words from Public School officials in bold. Truthfully, I have sat and listened to younger kids my daughters age and even older ones debate this system, taking from what they have learned in school and I am baffeled. So I feel my dd to needs to be able to stand her ground on history,  speaking truth to help educate her peers that are surrounding her. Cant wait for this one.. :)

Of course we can not forget our hands on learning crafts that are incorporated with some of our lessons. :)

I know I am leaving something out but I will add it later if it comes to me.


As for my little ones: I have three schooling this year. 2 will be in Kindergarten and 1 in First grade.
Easy as pie for these little ones. Lol!

We bing our day like this:
  • Bible lessons

  • Individual Learning Time

  • Group learning time

  • Computer Learning Time (Computer Programs, Parental selected online programs)

  • Sign Language 

  • Heatlh - Emotions, Feelings, Staying Healthy, Kid Shape, Pyramid  

My Definitions:

Individual Learning Time - Each child will come together with momma for 15-40 minutes depending on the individual childs pace and the lesson being taught. (this also includes big sis)

Group Learning Time - This is when I bring only my little ones together and we work our Abc's. Numbers, Shapes, Story Time, Learning Game Fun, Some Math - basics, Time Learning, Music_Art_Crafts (this will include big sis also)

Some of our day does consist of out door learning and hands on learning items. Best way for most of use to learn. :) I am sure I am missing some tidbit, but I will come back and add them later.

Most of All my little ones work consists of my own curriculum gathering. They vary from SteckVauhn Phonics, 100 Easy Lessons, Alpha Omega 1st Grade Math 1st year buying a Math curriculum for my little ones. Diane Waring History, AIG Gods Designs, (both History and Science will be brief lessons through out the year) Various wkbks I picked up from $1 Store, Half price books, Sheets I made from my computer and print offs from world wide web placed with in Binders. Not to mention the materials for our classroom and hands on learning.

Until next time, hopefully it wont be as long.. Happy Schooling everyone.
Have a great Labor Day!

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