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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Our First Day of School

Well to my suprise our first day went well. I have all of my four schooling this year.  2 doing kindergarten and 1 doing First grade as well as my oldest doing her 8th grade year. Wowsers! But all in all it was a pretty good day. We just finished up our day and are beginning to get on our Apple Baking and finalizing our salsa for the year to end.

Yesterday we tore up the last of the garden and got yard ready for winter. Saturday we went to the Apple orchard and this week will be baking a lot.  YUMMY!

I was so proud to see my 5 yo son doing his math like he did. He is a Math wiz! No exageration on that at all. My Dh who is 6 was beginning to get irritated because every time we did a verbal math problem he would beat her to the answer. Lol! She began to get a bit furious about doing math together. So after we finished up our group I pulled her off to the side for a little extra one on one time in math. She cooled off and was better then. My youngest [4 yo], she did better then I expected her to do as though she is doing kindergarten this year technically she really is a bit early for K. But she did some preK last year with my son and she did so well I decided to give her a whirl with K.

Our day consisted of easy schedule really since back to school I didnt want to overwhelm anyone.
  • Math (for everyone)
  • History (for everyone)
  • Patterns/Shapes
  • Language Arts
  • Foreign Language (Oldest DD)
  • Bible (everyone)
  • Art
Our history dove in to a deep discussion which was super and my dd was very involved. Super! This was pretty much our first day schedule! 

Tom we will head in a bit deeper as we begin our Constitution study, A Native American Lesson and Craft, Continue on in our History Lesson, Continue Math, Do a writing assignment, Work in our Phonics, Foriegn Lan. Study and I am working in a few others that I am still trying to rearrange on the schedule. But most of it is noted. I hope to post pictures of our fun activities tom. 

How was your day?

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