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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Where were you on September 11?

Tuesday, September 11, 2001
May We Never Forget!

I think we all can agree that this was probably one of the most horrifying days in our life, this country faced since the attack on Pearl Harbor. While I was not alive then, witnessing 9/11 unfold took me straight on to my knees in prayer and grieving for those innocent people in New York City, Washington and these beautiful souls aboard these planes from all over that witnessed such horror before leaving this life. Just like Pearl Harbor, September 11 will be a day remembered always.

9/11 does not just impact just two states because they were the target of such a haneous viscous act of violence. 9/11 impacts this nation and all within it. It angers me to hear so many on the streets or near by in surrounding areas say, "Its over and done with, Can we move on and forget it?"
NO! NO! NO! We can not forget the day our country was under attack! We can not and we must not forget the lives that were deliberately taken, lives that were sacrificed to save others. Why could anyone want to forget the day our nation was taken to its knees but awaken from its slumber to raise again and fight what America Stands for... Those who wish to forget, must not be of this great country to let her go down with such viscious attacks and ignore those who were taken from this life not by choice but because another decided to commit such an act controlled by demonic force and pure hatred. I am ashamed to those who care less. Enough said...


"To those who were there amidst all of this agony, to those who lost loved ones, I continue to hold you close to my heart and cover you in my prayers. If I could be there in person to extend my condolences, honestly I would sit and hug everyone of you shedding tears with you."

To this day, looking at this picture, my heart hits my throat and my stomach feels ill, eyes fill with tears. My thoughts are overwhelmed with pain and questions like, "How can anyman be so cruel and heartless to commit such a viscous act?" 

Tuesday, September 11,2001, The day the sleeping Giant was awaken!
I remember it as if it were yesterday. I was just getting up preparing my and my 3 yo daughters breakfast. With the TV on watching the news and Today show, the tv sounded with a breaking news alert... I remember turning the corner of my kitchen and towards the tv to see the first tower was in flames and smoking. My first thought was My God, My God, those people, Lord be with them. Although, no one knew this was a terror attack, Yet. I remember my daughter then 3, heading towards the tv with her hands up on the screen, I could hear her call out Jesus, Jesus, be with those people [just as I called out moments earlier]. I rushed towards her pulled her to me and held her, what happened next would tear me up as we watched the second plane hit the tower. Immediately, I knew we were in trouble, I begin feeling an urgency to pray and began praying for those lives lost and in danger. Only the Lord knew what was coming next. As I was praying I was rushing around the house to get dressed and get my dd dressed. I made a few calls to ensure we were still having prayer that am at our church and I believe we all requested and earlier meeting time as we all felt it was urgent to come together and pray for these innocent lives, our nation, its leadership and the events that were unfolding on this day.

As I headed back to the livinging room the pentagon had just been hit and they were tracking the planes still in the air. While forcing all flights down.

I seen the horrifying look of shock on President Bush's face as he was notified in FL while a midst a classroom full of children. (some expected him to immediately react, but I am proud of how he reacted. Why react in panic to frighten the nation? His reaction was what the nation needed, "remain calm!"  After all, reacting out of panic can lead us to do some pretty stupid and careless things.)

Then what seemed like moments later - the traggedy of the first tower collapse. There after the second tower collapsing.

The unexpected just happened and the nightmare just began. While we were all praying that everyone would get out safely, the traggic reality was not everyone was able to get out, alive and safe. :'(  I cried all morning,all day, all evening. Worrying and praying about people I knew in that area, people in our family and friends that were serving in the military and I knew would be sent out to fight in the war. People I didnt know but my heart just broke for.The strangers of this country I have never met but yet I feel so close to, being we [each one of us] are all natives of this country and have some relation close to each other whether we know it or not.

I will always remember: The lives that were taken, not lost. The lives that were sacrificed - so innocently. The lives that were given to save others and became our fallen heros, now angels. The little children that were missing now gone home to Jesus. The children all over that would that would be with out a father, mother, gramma, grampa, Aunt, Uncle. The Sons, The Daughters, The friends that would be missing later to be found dead or never to be found at all.

On 9/11/01,  Everybody lost somebody, even if it was a part of themself! 

Today, We remember the Victims of 9/11. May we always remember this day and never forget those lives that were taken from this life. May God Bless the families of the missing and these fallen heros. May God Bless this country always. My heart felt prayers for all and hugs to everyone this day.

A tribute video to all:  

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