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Monday, October 10, 2011

Did You Know

Did you know:

October 12th
1892 - The Pledge of Allegiance is first recited in unison by students in US public schools.
Brief History of the Pledge: http://www.oldtimeislands.org/pledge/pledge.htm

Farmers Day http://inventors.about.com/library/inventors/blfarm1.htm

October 13th
1792 - In Washington, D.C., the cornerstone of the United States Executive Mansion (known as the White House since 1818) is laid.
Brief History of the White House http://www.whitehouse.gov/about/history/

October 14th
•1789 - George Washington proclaims the first Thanksgiving Day. http://kids.nationalgeographic.com/kids/stories/history/first-thanksgiving/

•1926 - The children's book Winnie-the-Pooh, by A.A. Milne, is first published.
About our Winne Pooh http://www.just-pooh.com/milne.html

October 15

•1878 - The Edison Electric Light Company begins operation.

October 16
•1882 - The Nickel Plate Railroad opens for business.

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