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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Experiment 3

We learned today with Aurora Lipper about the Sonic Boom. So today I am sharing the following Science (Physics Related) Experiment. This is one of 3 experiments we did today. I will post each experiment in seperate posts to limit the length of each post.

Ok, So my dd loved this one as well as the others. But this one was more cool she said.. Lol! This one is easy as pie...

Screaming Balloon

All you need is a Balloon and a small bolt. I recommend a little bigger balloon then in this picture. Unfortunately the balloon we used got popped with playing and a curious cat. Lol!

Before you blow your balloon up, take your bolt and gently squeeze it in to your balloon. Then blow your balloon up and tie it. Now, hold your balloon and gently shake it in a circular motion. Listen to it scream. :)

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