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Monday, October 24, 2011

FREE Language Art Site

Here are some more great free sites for to check out. These are courtesy of Diane Flynn Keith for Click Schooling

Language Art Site

Age Range: 7-12

The Ambleside Primary School faculty and fourth-year students created the free language arts games and activities on this site. The math portion of this site was reviewed in Clickschooling in 2005 and is still useful. Today's review focuses on the literacy portion of this site that appears in two sections as follows:

I. When you get to the site you'll see the word "Literacy" and below it a menu that includes short "Click-On" activities as follows:
 *Interactive spelling worksheets -Cclick and drag the missing letters to the blank spaces where they belong to complete the words.

*Proverbs - Click and drag the first and last parts of each proverb to place them together.

*Adjectives, Nouns, Verbs, and Prepositions - Drag each word into the correct category.

*Word Finder - Given a word, see how many smaller words can be made from its letters.

*Sentence Sorter - Put the words in order to create a sentence that makes sense.

II. Below the above menu, click on the words "Ambleweb Literacy Page" to find:

*Look, Cover, Write, and Check - A customizable spelling list. You look at the word, then click "cover" and type the word from memory. You will be informed whether you got the word correct or not.

*Book Reviews - Read reviews submitted by (mostly young) website visitors, or submit your own!

*Word Games and Quizzes - Create stories, limericks, or haiku. Work on vocabulary, spelling, reading comprehension, and more!

*Best Internet Resources - A long list of recommended links for further Language Arts learning and practice.

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