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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Onions vs Sickness -- The Experiment

So, How many have ever heard about the old onions remedy. There are several in fact. My little ones are down this week sick so I figured what a better time to see if the onions trick really does work.

What is the Onion remedy?
  • There are several to be honest. One is you must peel and cut in half an onion, then stick the oinion bedside on a plate when you have the flu and the onion will absorb the germs and bacteria. Come morning the onion will turn black and the flu will be pretty much absorbed in the onion. 
  • Another is, when there is a fever, peel an onion and then cut the onion in half placing a small part of the onoin in your sock while wearing it to bed.
  • Another is sniffing the onion in a cup will help clear up a cold or sinus infection
  • Another is peeling onion and slicing in half leaving it on plate in a room will help fight off any sickeness.
There really are several onion remedies out there but the most known are above. So well, my kids didnt have the flu, but they did have the fever and a persistant cough. More commonly known to all doctors as a virus that has to take course. Seems the only thing some of these doctors do know about is the virus or bacteria infections. Lol, none the less ok, dear mom was at it trying to find a better solution to comfort her little ones and help them get better naturally.

Experiment One
So we begin with night one, which was saturday day and evening. My youngest and her brother came down with the fever. I didnt think nothing of the onion    truthfully. Night two, the onion popped in to my thoughts. I googled it and read more then decided, What have I got to lose? So here is the onion peeled for night two and set beside my ds for the night.  (Might I say, that onion was RIPE. Everytime we walked upstairs our eyes were immediately in tears.. Lol)

Here is onion two that was placed aside of my youngest daughters bed all night. We were smelling ripe onions through out the upper part of the house. Lol!  (Insane and crazy? Probably! But.. does it work?)

So you are wondering did this work?
Truthfully, Yes and No. It did do something, Lol!
My little ones symptoms at that time are as noted: Fever and a Stuffy Nose.
I tried this experiment on day 2 and my sons and dd fever lasted a day and a half. I did this onion experiment and the one below. The other thing about doing this was that I noticed what ever was coming on was stopping in its tracks. However, My daughter did accompany a cough that is extremely persistant. So we now are purifying the house and trying a onion cough remedy.  With a major second round of cleaning to kill germs again.

Experiment Two:
My middle daughter caught the same thing on sunday evening. I again did the onions but this time I did the slice in the socks. It was a bit cold and very unpleasant feeling against the foot - she said, but she added it was funny to do and it smelled       P U! {*_*} 

So what were the results of the fever and the onion?
Well, within the 30 minutes I was stunned to see my daughter was swetting perfusely. I mean head soaked and bed soaked. She was completely sopped. In that time, I checked her fever there was nothing to be concerned about. However, I did notice after the bed change and all that, come next morning, she still had the fever but it was much more mild, less agressive as the night before. I probably should of done an other onion. Live and learn. Next time I will keep the onions rolling.

My thoughts on the onion: Onions are extremely high in the anti-oxidant quercetin which helps the body fight free-radicals, and boosts the immune response.

I will definately try this again. But I will be a little more agressive in doing so. I only did the one onion to experiment. Maybe I should of done a few onions at that. But yes, I will be doing the onions again. I will note some resources shortly. Little ones calling. :)

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Anonymous said...

when we start coming down sick, we eat a little piece of garlic