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Monday, October 10, 2011

Who Wants Science Freebies? Great offer starting Here and NOW!

At this rate, I can not think of anyone who would not like a lot of Freebies. I am writing this post to let everyone know, I was recently given the opportunity to share FREE Material, Resources, Videos, and Experiments with everyone. This is a great deal for everyone. I should probably note that the FREE Material I am allowed to share is typically only offered to members of the site.

Who is offering this great special?
Aurora Lipper at Super Charged Science and eScience gave me the opportunity to share some great material with you! I am so excited to share with you all of the FREEBIES she gave to me. This is not a sale pitch by any means. I am just so excited to get to give you what I was given. If you are like me and love teaching hands on material, you will totally like the free material I have. I love the experiments particularly. Truthfully, My kids dont want to hear the whole lesson because they can not wait to get to the experiments. Lol! I have already done a few of them and my kids went nuts over them and want to do more but I really dont know that we have time in the day to do all of them plus get through everything else.

What material do I get to share with you?
I will be posting on experiments, videos, some sample curriculum lessons and other resources that was passed on to me to share with everyone.

Whats the catch?
There is NO catch at all! Aurora just wants to give you the opportunity to enjoy teaching and learning about science. Not everyone can afford curriculum so she is offering free material. (Again I add, she is a hands on teaching instructor_scientist and I totally love the hands on approach). Also, You can go to her site and sign up to recieve newsletters, including other FREE resources and updated information for the up coming teleclasses, date and time.

If you have not done her teleclass it is basically an online class for 70 mins or less depending on experiment for that day. A lesson about the experiment is done, she does a giveaway, you can ask her questions and she will answer them. Its a great time learning science. Who would not want to talk with an Mechanical Engineer, Teaching Instructor for Science and NASA Scientist? At times we will even have the opportunity to hear from a real NASA Astronaut. I am so excited about that one. :)

I also want to note, the FREEBIES I offer you will not be available to you on her site UNLESS you become a member!
She offers FREE material in her newsletters and daily on her site to NonMembers but it will not be any of the material I will be offering to you.

Please Note: Again I stress to remind you, All the posts I share with you will eventually expire. So please do not hesitate on getting the links downloaded right away. I do not know how long they will be available for. May be a week, may be a month. I honestly have no idea, I was just told that they will expire.

All you need to do to learn more about Super Charged Science is any of the noted:
  • Click on the banner at the top of this page
  • Click on the button noted in this post
  • Click on the button at the left side of this page
Then keep watch for all my posts that will have FREE Links to download your Science FREEBIE(s) of the day, courtesy of Aurora Lipper.

Learn more about Super Charged Science, Watch for my free posts with the freebies and save the freebie to your computer. How easy is this? If you would like to know more about Aurora Lipper and her science site or if you would like to sign up for her newsletters please go to the banner or button and click on it and it will direct you to her site for more information.

To learn more about Aurora click her "About Me" Link:

Please spread the word to all who you think may benefit from this offer.

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