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Saturday, November 12, 2011

About IndoctriNation


Some of you are probably thinking, "I dont get it?" Or you may be saying, "So what is this post about?" Follow me a moment - won't you?
Whether you are Christian or Non Christian, Public Schooling, Homeschooling, Private Schooling, I feel everyone needs to know about this...

I also, right quickly want to add to anyone that is looking to Homeschool, Still deciding on whether Homeschool is for you, This is a definate MUST SEE! Everything you will see in this footage is TRUE, Actual Footage from Media as well as resource places and documentry interviews, Footage from two Presidential leaders and more!

I just finished up watching this UNBELIEVEABLE but PRECISE in its ENTIRETY footage about IndoctriNation : Public Schools and The Decline of Christianity In America. From the biginning of our educational system to now. We are talking Years... No Decades... NO CENTURIES of educational corruption in our schools and harming our children. Now we have all seen a lot of the National media put their two cents in on the educational system. I am sure we all have our own two cents.. But this is just jaw dropping. Some I already knew, from speaking with teachers locally and family members in the teaching field. Other things, Just jaw dropping!

You may remember titles like these "Dumbing America" or "Stupid In America." Honestly, If you watch any of the national or even local news, then I bet you do remember. Some of these titles aired on MSNBC, NBC, C SPAN, CBS, FOX NEWS and probably other unmentioned stations as they were doing a report or countless reports over the last 10-15 years, some even more recent on: The Educational System right here in America.  I do remember a lot of these stories that were broadcast and even the ones mentioned in this footage.. Gotta Love The National Media! (Sarcasm)
I can honestly say to those who are not believers, This footage is not just about Christianity, NOR Is it just the EDUCATIONAL ISSUE! The real issue here IS about the TRUTH! We all can agree that ALL Public Government Run Schools are DUMBING children today. Children are being let down and their honestly is more then one that should take the blame. Its not just the leader, The Government  who is to blame here. The parents are also to blame. You say, How can this be true?

We can all agree that much of the population today rely on the school system to raise their kids. We can also agree that much of the parents today are kids raising kids! Today, 90% of believers place their children in a Pagan School System. Bet you did not know this? I also bet you that anyone of these christian believers would ridcule the other if they moved their child to a mosque for school or a hindu school, but they are ok with their child in the Pagan School??? Really?! Thats Interesting!

Much of what is in the public school system is: children learning about:
  • Theories that are not true
  • Abstinance with the promotion of sexuality as well as handing out BC, Condems to children as young as 7 yrs of age with out parental conscent and the schools do not have to tell you if your child was given the condem nor do they have to respect or honor your wishes
  • Learning by a government based, government run curriculum     agenda, etc...
  • Everything that is a parents job is pretty much done within the school systems. Must I add the fact that daily there is a push to attack and revoke parent rights to their children while in the school system.
People don't put your faith in a corrupt system that has continuously let the American people down. That is just senseless and stupid. Why would anyone think that education by a corrupt government will be best for their child? Beyond me honeslty! That is just my thinking aloud, not calling anyone out! :)

Many believers that do send there kids to the public school sytem do so mostly because of this scripture:
Matthew 5:13 “You are the salt of the earth. But what good is salt if it has lost its flavor? Can you make it salty again? It will be thrown out and trampled underfoot as worthless.

I just want to say to them, I truly hope you have prayed and sought diligently if this truly Gods Will. Truthfully, I do commend those who do send their children, but be assured you can not change the system, you can only try to teach your children God's Word and pray they hold on to it.

But in a system as flawed and corrupt as the educational system, sending a child in to a ps and also telling them and teaching them Gods word, They are guranteed to let go of Gods Word and focus more on consumption of the PS teachings. How is that so, They are in the PS more then they are with the parent and more then they are in the word of God. Studies show today that about 80% of the Christian children in the PS have turned their back on God. :(  So if the scripture above is reasoning for the education provided for the child in your house, If you never really prayed for direction on that, I encourage prayer over that. What ever decisons your family makes, will be the best according to what is best for your family, spirit led or not!  Not everyone has the patience to Homeschool, Not everyone wants to homeschool, Not everyone will homeschool! Enough said! :)

The questions to ask yourself here are: What do you want for your children? What do your children deserve? What can you do for your children?

Honestly, We do not need the media to tell us what we all already know. BUT.... Ultimately, it is the parents job to see to it that their children are placed with in a facility that is Teaching TRUTH, Proper Education and Keeping All Children Safe. Which we do not see all of the above - today... It is parents responsibility to advocate for their children. But the question is, How can a parent advocate for their children about something they are not aware of?!

Not all kids come home telling parents about the whole day. Not all children can remember their whole day! No teacher is going to tell the parent about the whole day especially if it means a chance of losing their job for teaching on something the parents disagree with, correcting in a way the parents condone and etc...

I also want to mention, it is not sheltering childeren when you work hard to give them the best education they deserve, even if that means homeschooling, interrupting the ps day to fix or correct an issue with in the school system the includes your child, standing up for JUSTICE and TRUTH and ADVOCATING for the children!

I truly recommend to ALL PARENTS, ANTICHRIST and CHRISTIAN BELIEVERS anyone that will listen, to get a copy of this footage     INDOCTRINATION: Public Schools And The Decline of Christianity in America.  I honestly dont care if you are ANTICHRIST! This documentation shows you exactly what FEW in Congress have worked hard to show for years but were intercepted by leaders of Government because they do not want you to see or know about the direction they government is leading the educational system towards for today, tomorrow and future generations. EVERY parent that cares about their childs education needs to see this footage!

I can speak from experience, being that I removed my oldest from ps. Plus I have family members in ps teaching and have spoken with ps teachers who struggle to follow this new direction because they do feel it is wrong. Look if we really want to cut down to the nitty gritty, We are going backwards in teh educational system. Some states are so busy pushing technology learning that reading, writing and even math are not as important. Really! That blew me away! In Southern part of our state Math is learned by Technology. They dont even know how to count 0-10. No joke! In the last year they worked to pass a law to eliminate cursive writing and are currently working on writing adjustments period.  Our ancestors worked so hard to learn to read and write and count math to help generations to come, (like Us Today). Only to be slapped in the face to have education return in the direction to which it came from. Mind Boggling!
Look, This Footage is not just Christian Views and There IS Much More then Christian Views at stake here and shown in this footage.

If we want to make it about christian views, let me remark this quote noted in the film:
Anything that leurs, decieves or takes us or our children away from Jesus, IS Worthy of DESTRUCTION! So destroy anything influence that is interfering with your walk, your families walk, your childrens walk with Jesus.

3 John 1: 4 I could have no greater joy than to hear that my children are following the truth.

Just a thought I want to leave you with:

There is ALWAYS going to be an ATTACK on the Christian Faith and The Believer! BUT... When it comes right down to it: The truth is      There is NO FREEDOM OF SPEECH FOR THE CHRISTIAN BELIEVER and HAS NOT BEEN FOR SOME TIME!   BUT...  THERE IS FREEDOM OF SPEECH FOR THE ATHIEST,  The HINDU,  The ISLAMIC RELIGION AND ANY OTHER RELIGION ... ANTICHRIST!

****  Don't mistake this as an attack on any religion in genral, any gender, ethnicity, sex preference or etc... This IS just stating the FACTS! Regardless of what denomination, religion or antichrist background, I think we all will agree, OUR CHILDREN DESERVE THE BEST EDUCATION PERIOD! This is where it is OUR JOB as THE PARENT to take back our children and the education they deserve. If the Government wants to control something, I can give them the best advice on what to control! CONTROL SPENDING, CONTROL YOUR OWN LIFE! Let the people alone and live the life of which Our Ancestors sought, fought, and died for This American Dream!

This is not a post by no means to attack any particular person, denomination etc... This is not a post to promote any product. This is a post sharing recommendation about Education Awareness!

To those who would like to purchase this footage themself to view you can Click Here

To find out more about this footage you can also Go Here

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Happy Schooling!

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