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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Our Craft Today is, Moccasins

Whew! What a day here! So I decided that this week we would relax a little and just focus more on Thanksgiving. We will learn the history of Thanksgiving, about the Pilgrims and Maflower, More focus on Native Americans. We will do our bible study and write scriptures focusing on Thankfulness. Of course who could do all of this and not have some crafting fun.. Well we didnt get through all our crafts today because of these precious, beloved pain in the necks above.... :)

If someone would of told me making moccasins were a pain in the hiney, I would not of got the moccasins to make. Lol! But we all thought they were so neat and we wanted to make them. My oldest DD started out making them and was so frustrated that she left them for me to finish. After having to do and undo and do again about the 4th time, I finally mastered making the moccasins. LOL!

To my dearly departed Native Ancestors, GOD BLESS YOUR Patience, and your precious sore fingers! :)

O Lord, my fingers are sore! LOL! Could of been this kit tho to, the instructions were worthless!

All in all here are our Moccasins and on a brighter note, these things are sooooo comfortable! :) 


Anonymous said...

rofl cool , where did you get the kit?

homeschool101 said...

O boy, Lol! Get ready for the pain of a craft. Lol! I got it at Hobby Lobby back around the Beads they had a Native Section.

Anonymous said...

Ok gonna check it out when I can get him to drive to denton..

homeschool101 said...

Lol! :)