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Thursday, December 1, 2011

K to Middle School Sites offering HolidaySpecial & FREEBIES

Here are some great links to visit through your schooling year:

MathVille has a lot to offer for all public, private or homeschooler. You can check out the following links provided by MathVille covering from Math, Grammar, History_Geography, plenty of games and really so much more. I also want to mention that if you visit the MathVille site you can find the specials they are offering for a limited time. You can purchase material on CD's for your computer and print off purposes.  I did purchase some material about a year or two back and it really is a great site that offers a lot of good material. So its definately a site to run over and check out as well as these noted sites below that they are offering great freebies on.

If you would like to visit mathville you can click above or use this  link to be directed: http://www.mathville.com/shop.html 

Wordville is a great site for the kiddos grades K - Elementary. At this site you can find plenty of games related to:  (Also Find FREE Printables to the side of these games)
  • Word Building
  • Many Printables
  • Captalization and Punctuations
  • Learning Grammar Phrases
  • Holiday Fun
  • and So Much More 

Braincurls is a site full of games for the kids covering a lot of different subjects_topics.  Also for kids grades K - Elementary.


GotKidsGames is a great site where you can find plenty of games for the kiddos. On this site, at the side of the screen you can find some printables to use in your school day. Also for grades K - Middle School.

You can find some of the following:  (Also Include Free Printables to the side of these games)
  • Word Games
  • Math Games
  • Sport & Themed Games
  • Geography Games
  • Holiday Games
  • and More

WorksheetsPlus is a great site loaded with FREE Printables for assorted subjects_topics. Can be used with grades K - Middle School. This site also has some printables to assist those with children that have special needs learning. Again covering a lot of topics and subjects.


These defiantely are sites to have bookmarked. I will add these in the proper drop box below shortly.
Happy Schooling!

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