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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Reposting Updated Link - Parents Urged to view

Parental Rights.org and HSLDA is asking that all bloggers, emailers, networkers pass this along. This video has been previously posted and has now been edited with new information added in to this video. So the old link will not work. Please use this feed and pass this along.

This is not a joke or something that should be over looked. If some leaders of this country are stepping up and urging parents to get aware, then it is more serious then you or any other may realize. People can snicker about this all they want, but if they are not doing the search themselves to see its truth behind it they will be the ones that cost parents everywhere rights over our family. So please see to it that this is passed along to everyone you may know. There is a bill right now in the house being reviewed. If it passes it will changed everything parent rights stands for.  If you have not heard in the lastest news, there is alread several cases in the courts and scheduled to meet in the next few months to decide whether parents have rights over their children. Recently posted is the case in Michigan where HSLDA's chairman Mike Farris felt it important to help assist a non homeschool family. This is a big deal, please help get this word to every parent and expecting parent even grandparents.

You can find out more by Parental Rights and Parental Rights Org

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