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Monday, January 30, 2012

Math, Art, Bird Sites

First off, I would like to say, I am finally back from a whopper of a week. Most who read my post last week know I was off saying goodbye to a precious Woman of God. Sad week but very heart felt and peace all around. After the funeral my great aunt had to be taken to the hospital and we found out she broke her ankle. It was indeed a week last week, Bless God a new week has begun. Lol!

Welcome to the my blog for all the new followers. So great to have you here.. 

Here are some sites that may interest you for your school day... Happy Schooling!

Just click the attachable highlighted links:

Here is a FREE Math-Drills Site (Free Printables). (K-12)   On this site you can find printable for the following:


•Decimals & Percents
•Powers of Ten

National Gallery For Art Teachers
I. Free Art Sites: Experiential
II. Interactive Activities About Art
III. Online Art Galleries


50 Birds   FREE, printable wildlife coloring pages, printable plans for building a birdhouse

•Eastern Bluebird

•Black-capped Chickadee
•Mourning Dove
•Peregrine Falcon
•Red-tailed Hawk
•Chimney Swift
•Beewick's Wren

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