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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

ALL Followers Please Read! (New Followers Gadget Added)

Ok, So I have heard and read numerous of versions about the GOOGLE Friend Following gadget that is on most blogs including this one. (how you follow blogs) 

I have read Googles policy, changes and updates and honestly I have to agree that it looks as though they are choosing to eliminate this feature from Google period.. It sounded at first that it was just through certain websites. None the less, I have already been looking for other ways for all my readers to follow with out using Google. Since many of you do not use the Google accounts, you were unable to follow.. Sooo... Thank God for Mr Linky.. 

ANYONE can now follow this blog through Mr Linky. You can set up a FREE account with Mr. Linky and follow this blog and also you can add a "following gadget" for all of your followers to any of your blog webpages or websites. This works out great, now we no longer have to worry about GOOGLE and their changes or blocking readers that are not on Google. So if you have wanted to follow this blog for a while, maybe you were one who had to subscribe through the email, Now you can follow this blog from anywhere around the world by using the Mr. Linky - which is posted at the LEFT side of the page under the Google FOLLOWER Gadget. You can categorize the blogs you are following by placing them under the categories listed: Check Everyday, General, Favorite and few others are noted on the site when you go to add a blog you wish to follow..

Apparently the Google Following Gadget will be gone effective March 1. So if you would still like to follow this blog, to ensure you are still getting the updates, please go over to the Linky Followers gadget on the left side of the screen and follow this blog through that gadget or you can still follow us through our email subscriptions.

To all my faithful followers and readers. I once again say, Thank You, for following this site. I am glad this site has been of great help to all of you. I will continue to share all the resources I run across with you and if you have any questions or are looking for something specific, I will do my best to get what I can find and have it posted or in the boxes.. 

Thanks again and Happy schooling!

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