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Friday, February 24, 2012

Free History & Geography Site (Grades 7-12)

Looking for Free History & Geography lessons. Here is a great site to check out. (click attached link) FREE History, Geography Lessons & Activities Here @ Students Friend

At this site you will find the following:
  • FREE downloadable comprehensive guide called the Student's Friend that may be used in place of a history textbook, along with lesson plans, study guides, and other resources to enhance learning.
Part I - Prehistory through 1500 including:

•Ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt

•Ancient India and China

•Ancient Greece and Rome

•The Early Middle Ages, 500 to 1000 AD

•The Late Middle Ages, 1000 to 1500

Part II - 1500 to the Present including:

•1500s and 1600s, Early Modern World

•1700s, Enlightenment & Revolution

•1800s, Industrial Revolution & Imperialism

•1900 to 1950, World at War

•1950 to the Present, Cold War & Space Age

•Current Issues, A Changing World Order

Get free lessons plans and activities
Great site for grades 7 -12

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