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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Funnix Reading Program (Free Download - Until Feb. 16, 2012)

Funnix Reading Program is offering a FREE Download of their program until February 16, 2012.

Please Note The Funnix Program Copyright:

Funnix Copyright Agreement

The Funnix Beginning Reading Program is copyrighted by the Royal Limited Partnership. You are limited to one copy of the Funnix Beginning Reading Program during the time period of the Funnix Beginning Reading Program being offered for free. When you are issued a free copy of the Funnix Beginning Reading Program you will receive a ten-digit serial number. If you attempt to reproduce the Funnix Beginning Reading Program more than one time, our software will alert us that more than one copy was reproduced with the serial number issued to you. You will have violated the copyright restriction. We will pursue this violation. If you want somebody to have a copy of the program, direct them to Funnix.com to order their own free copy.
Head over to the Funnix Reading Site by clicking this attached link.

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