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Friday, February 24, 2012

Spring Break Is Near, Carschooling Tips Are Here...

For all of us, Spring Break is near. Some will take time off from school to rest and sort through curriculum and others will school on the road. Carschooling can be fun and educational for all, trust me! We are planning our spring break already as we do have plans. So I am on a quest for more carschooling ideas to pre-occupy my kids on the road. The neat part about our travel time is we will travel through 8 states. Yes, I said, 8 states! This means, we will have loads of educational options to explore and have fun.  Rather then drive in a car of silence or screaming bored kids, Rather then drive and pop in a movie being wrapped up in a portable tv, SCHOOL along the way.. Carschooling can be fun.. 

Below are some excellent ways to carschool on your short or long road trip:
  • Audio Curriculum or Audio Books - There are loads of audio resources: Learning Wrap Ups Audio Math & more, Car Schooling, HomeFires.com Tips,  Library Rentals or you can buy audio books most anywhere.. Purchase them in CD format or Ipod MP3 Download.
  • Pre Printed Hand-Outs - These can be anything from: Math Printables, Alphabet Learning and Letter Recognition, Numbers and Shape learning, History/Geogrpahy Learning, Brief State Pages (for state traveling). (Landmarks, Populations, Odd Street Names or Signs, Mile Marker etc..)
  • Road Games - Road games can be fun. Games like; License Plate Watching - (Identify states on the vehicle plates and keep track of how many states you have seen and how many from each state you have counted.), I SPY is a big hit..
  • For Little Ones : COUNTING: If you know the border of a state is coming up, Or the location your heading to is nearing - Count beginning with 0 and see how many numbers you can count to until you arrive to your destination or the border. (This is also good with kids learning time, minute and seconds)  
  • Car Spelling -  Spelling can be done on your traveling tip. For older kids, pick out street names, state, capitol or town names, objects or places to spell. For little ones go over site words and other words they may be familiar with. This would be a good time to recap your words.
  •  Music Audios or Singing - We all I am sure will agree we like music. Maybe not the same preference but music audios are also a great carschooler. 
  • Pre-Packed CarSchool Bag or Tote - PrePack your carschooling things ahead of time. Totes with coloring pencils, crayons, (Markers for Older Kids), pencils, sketching pads, writing notebooks, reading books (for the older kids), Etchasketch and other traveling games, CD player headsets (for those who don't enjoy listening to the kids audio schooling).
NOTE: If you are going to allow electronics on your trip, limit the usage time. Don't allow your kids to isolate themself the whole car trip. Find ways to interact with your children along the way.

These are few things I have jotted down and I do have more and I am sure you have some. Feel free to share your tips..
Happy Schooling!

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