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Friday, March 2, 2012

Severe Weather Encouragement FOR ALL!

With today's Severe Weather break out across central parts of the country both North and South. I felt it was important to make a post urging all of us to pay close attentiong to 
"SEVERE WEATHER."  If there is an alert out, it is out for a reason! 

Severe storms are still crossing states - From the North on down to the South of our country, even as I type. Hearts and prayers go out to all in the line of these storms. Our state was hit earlier today with severe weather.  Tons of Hail and several confirmed and even unconfirmed reports of Tornado Touchdowns. (Video Proof of 2 Tornados) 

A Multi Vortex Tornado that the National Weather Scientist are estimating to be,  EF 4 - EF 5 touch down in Southern parts of our state today literally wiping a town of 1900 off our state map. Leveled! An other town near by was nearly leveled also. Do to the fact we are still in the prime of winter and early March, I think it struck everyone by suprise to see the severity of this kind of weather on a day like today. (started off cold, then jumped to 60's and now we are back to cold)  None the less, these storms came, showed themself, left their destruction and then left our state only to target other states within their path. Our state has not seen an EF 5 tornado since March of 1925. ( I send my heartfelt prayers to those who see them more often - the destruction is devastating)

So with this being said, I first want to take a moment to acknowledge those that were in the heart of these storms. Our prayers and thoughts are with you, Prayers for safety, comfort and provisions for you and your families. Praying also that all families are reunited with their loved ones. This is definately a heartbreaking evening across america tonight.

To those in the path of these storms, PLEASE HEAR THE URGENCY TO TAKE COVER AS YOU ARE DIRECTED! DO NOT WASTE TIME - THESE STORMS ARE EXTREMEMLY DANGEROUS AND DEADLY!   I can not remember when I have seen a storm as quick as this and as deadly, especially in our state!  No matter what state your in, If you get a weather advisory, alert, warning, Take it seriously. When you are urged to take shelter - GO!

If you are in one of these states hit the hardest, please help with assistance anyway you can. Yes, times are tough right now with our economy, but please remember - rIGHT NOW,  NO ONE HAS IT AS HARD AS THOSE THAT JUST LOST EVERYTHING THEY HAD TODAY AND TONIGHT! 

Anything you can donate, be it money, food or clothing. Anything you can donate makes a difference. These families are in need of our help.  You can check your local RED CROSS, CHURCHES, MEDIA for details on making Donations.. Anything you have that just sits or is of no use can be of use to someone else that has nothing!

Goodwil is great, but if you have donations for Goodwil and you are not sure that they are donating towards these families in need after today/tonights disasters - Please Take Your GoodWil Donation to a drop off point that is assisting aid for these families in your state.  If you can make a donation for Goodwil, That donation is much appreciated if you ensure it gets donated to those who lost everything in this Natural Disaster caused by Mother Natures Wrath.

I want to say Thank You in advance to all who can donate on behalf of all who are in need tonight!
God Bless you!

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