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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Followers_Subscribers Please Read

To My Followers and Subscribers: 

Please bare with me, I am so sorry! I can not post on this blog atm. I can not figure out what in the world Blogger has done with my blog. I will keep this blog up for all to continue with the sites.

However, It may be that I might have to merge over to wordpress because of the issues with Blogger. I have already set up a WORDPRESS Blog Address. You can join me over on this blog URL noted below. 

Until I can work out the problems with Blogger, I will continue my posting over on Wordpress. I am so sorry for this inconvienence. I am at a loss of words having to redo what I originally started. I will keep you posted on this blog as I get with blogger. 

Until then please stop in and visit me at: http://homeizcool101.wordpress.com/ 
 I am still working on this site as well as setting up wordpress as a backup!

 Happy Schooling!

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