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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Who is the teacher in your house?

Who is the teacher in your house?

In a lot of families both parents interact. Yet there are still families with only one parent involved and the other doing much of income and work. None the less, all parents are teachers whether they are doing the teaching duties or not. Both parents are teaching differnt things and one parent if not both also teaches educational. Either way it works in your household, I want to remind you that Teacher Appreciation week is coming up. 

Whether it is both parents or just one of the parents doing the teaching, encourage eachother and speak blessings and words of encouragement in to eachothers life for all the hard work that both of you do in raising your family. Be a blessing not just to your children but to your spouse. Make a big deal out of how much they are appreciated and how much you love and respect them for all they do and all the sacrifices they make, be it in or out side of the home. We all have a duty as parents and educators to all our children, Public or private schooled.

  To the public school families/teachers, Families take the time to show your appreciation to your teacher(s). Speak blessings into their life and over all they do for your children. To all, Be richly blessed and walk in the fullness the Lord desires for you!

  May 7-11 is Teacher Appreciation Week.

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