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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Coming Soon

So I have been compiling a huge bunch of resources and information from a study I have been doing over the last couple of years to better understand as well as help assist parents with specially gifted children.
I call these families specailly gifted because of several reasons:
  1. They are no different then you or I and they deserve the same respect as you or I.
  2. Their children are just as precious as any other child.
  3. Just because a label (Special Needs) was placed on them by the Government it does not mean they should be labeled.
As we all know there are a lot of challenges out there that we all face, including our children. But unfortunately, some parents have more obstacles they face with their parenting because their special bundle of joy was born with or has developed added life long challenges. Very unfair for both parents and children. We all know life is simply not fair. Rather then be an on looker who is judging on the outside, I choose to listen, learn and be educated so that I can be a supporter to these families and advocate with them.
"Dont judge another until you have walked a mile in their shoes!"
When my cousin was born with Down Syndrome, much of our family was at a loss of words and some even rejected her. With the rise of Autisim, CP, DS, Aspergers and other speically challenged diagnosis out there, it is important that we all become a little more educated and supportive to these families. Over the course of the last 8+ years I have been compelled to learn more about these challenges to better assist myself when I am in an atmosphere with these precious children and their parents. 

Rather make an already difficult situation more difficult I wanted to learn more about the challenges both parents and children face, so that I can better assist with both parents and children by supporting, encouraging, as well as help them embrace these challenges and find ways to overcome them leading the way advocating for a brighter tom. In my findings, I have spoken to a lot of individuals and parents especially who face these difficult challenges. I have asked for a lot of input and advice from parents as well as read or been referred to sites or other individuals.

 As I continue my study, I am compiling my information in to posts and trying to link resources to this school site. I wanted to post this so that my readers know this is coming and if anyone had any added feedback they wanted to add, I gladly welcome the feedback or resources. Already I do have a few resources linked to this site. But I assure you more is coming. 

To the parents of these specially gifted and precious children, Know that you are not alone and that there is support out there all over for you. There are tons of resources and information to assist you. Above all, I commend each of you for embracing the challenges ahead of you and being the advocate for your precious child, supporting them and helping them overcome each challenge they face. 

No challenge is to big to overcome! 

 Your patience with the unkind face in the onlooking corner, The hurt you carry when an unkind comment is made. The heavenly father has great plans for you and your children. Your family was hand picked because He knew you were the stronger ones that carried the special gifts needed to overcome these challenges as well as help lead the way for a better tom. Your rewards are great and I know that our Heavenly Father is proud of each one of you for pressing on even when days came when you were ready to give up.

Resources will be coming soon for all to use, please keep checking back and if you have any resources to share or comments to share to encourage others, please feel free to leave them here. Thanks.


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