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Thursday, November 8, 2012

TOS Review

Blog Review
Recently I applied for the TOS Blog Review Crew and I was asked to do a review for their magazine. Tonight I will be posting a review on the November addition of  The Old Schoolhouse.
Up front and honestly, I can tell you I absolutely love this magazine. I have followed this magazine since I first began to homeschool my oldest child over 5 years ago. I am not even sure how I found the magazine     but when I found it, I definitely saved the link to my favorites and follow list. If you are a new homeschooler or you are interested in homeschooling, this is a great magazine to subscribe to, follow and save the link. If your on the go, you can download the TOS Apps  for Kindle, Android and Apple product.

 Each month this magazine is loaded with encouraging stories, words of encouragement, loads of advice and you know they have the goodies on school resources. As I started out homeschooling, I was completely lost and on my own. Running across this magazine, I truly give God the Thanks for The Old Schoolhouse, no exaggeration needed. There happen to be an article that spoke loudly to me, (at that time) the new homeschooling parent.
Tonight, I am especially excited about this months magazine. When I read down the table of contents and seen 2 stories covering The Amish and a few other related articles. I giggled and jumped over every page to read these particular articles. I have always been extremely interested in the Amish. They just amaze me and truly make me curious about them, their beliefs and ways of living. Each Amish community is unique and different from the other. I am not 100% sure why I am drawn to the Amish, they just amaze me. 
 [off topic: When I first started homeschooling, as scared as I was and not sure what to do. Oddly, My first question was not about school curriculum. It was more about a field trip to a local Amish Community. But knowing most communities do not allow outsiders, I quickly chucked that thought out the window. I may have to dig a little deeper and consider a trip to the local festivities since the Amish do come out then to sell their goods.]
The Amish articles listed in this months edition were the first of several to draw my attention. Makes me even more curious about these special communities.. Who knows where this will take me. =)

Also in this months edition are 8 great articles addressed to several kinds of homschoolers. This will definitely intrigue readers from all homeschooling backgrounds. The Homeschooler with A Struggling Learner was an other article that caught my attention. We all will experience some struggles at some point in our journey. This article was a great write up with encouraging words and great tips to help your learner get back on track.  As I mentioned previously, I really love this magazine. But what's not to love about TOS Magazine.  

With loads of encouragement, great inspiring articles and let's not forget the school resources listed in each monthly addition. If you have not checked out this magazine, I highly recommend heading over to their site now. TOS Website 

If you have any questions about homeschooling or their magazine, there is a Contact Tab in the upper right side of their site. I hope you enjoy this magazine as much as I do.

Thanks TOS for the support and school resources you offer through your magazine to help homeschooler's everywhere!!

Happy Schooling Everyone!

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