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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Revised -- Leapster GS Explorer Review

The Ultimate Learning Game!
So if you read my previous post on this review: You know I noted this as the ULTIMATE THORN IN MY REAR!

In January we bought our son the Leapster GS Explorer for his birthday after he enjoyed playing with his friends. Today, February 20th, 2013 was the first chance he actually got to really play with it because of all the trouble we had with this particular product. So unhappy he had to wait almost a month to play with it. Waiting on Leapster's reply and working endlessly with this device was no doubt a thorn in my rear for the last 3 1/2 weeks. 
As in all of my reviews, I will be pretty honest on this product expressing my likes and dis*likes. I want to also note, MY dis*likes or complaints about this product have been previously expressed by many. I encourage you to do your research and read other feedback on google before you buy this product. There are numerous complaints on what I share below.
This particular product we purchased is the Leapster GS Explorer, sold most anywhere around $59.97. There are a various Free Games. Other Game apps vary in price and you can purchase a pre-paid gift card to downlaod games. (estimated price ranges on games $5.00 and up. I have not seen anything cheaper. Watch for specials! There are supposedly Free Aps and Games somewhere, still searching that out!)
About this product:
 LeapFrog LeapsterGS Explorer:
  • Snap videos or pictures with the built-in camera and video recorder, and keep your favorites handy with 2 GB of onboard memory! Edit your pics, share them with friends or put yourself in the game
  • Control the action and turn up the fun with the all-new motion sensor on the LeapFrog Leapster Explorer
  • You can also drive the fun with kid-friendly controls, or use your finger or stylus to tap and trace on the touch screen
  • Works with a library of more than 300 LeapFrog Explorer downloadable apps and action-packed educational games that develop key skills for school!
  • LeapsterGS Explorer comes with 3 apps (Pet Pad, Escape of the Sillies--an exclusive LeapsterGS game and one app of your choice)
  • Additional apps and games are sold separately
  • Get just the amount of challenge you need with auto-leveling games for math, science and problem solving, creativity and life skills and reading, you can even enter math sets and spelling lists from school in select games
  • Parents can see and share their child's learning progress through the online LeapFrog Learning Path

    What's Included:
    • LeapsterGS handheld device
    • Quick Start CD
    • Parent guide
    • USB cable and stylus
    • 3 included apps: Pet Pad, Escape of the Sillies--an exclusive LeapsterGS game and one app of your choice
    • Requires 4 AA batteries, not included
    • For children ages 4 to 9 years
What they forgot to mention here was the:

Pardon us customers but the following issues may be of concern as per recent complaints on this device:

My first warning on this device:  The battery compartments on BOTH sides are a joke. Not only is the battery doors child proof,  apparently they are parent proof.  Your suppose to push the arrows on both sides of the battery door down and out. Good luck! After countless hours of bruised thumbs per each individual trying to get the compartment opened so we could get batteries in, (by the way I note there was 3 of us working on this), We finally resorted to prying them open with a screw driver. Now I hope and pray the compartment doors stay closed after this. Note: Using a rubber circled lid gripper is no good. We tried this countless time on the battery doors. Useless trying so don't waste your time.
Second warning on this device: We had problems with the disc and downloading the information from the disc to the computer to be able to operate this product. (We have the latest version of Windows, fairly new) 
Just an other herdle to jump over. We had to get a hold of technical support and even then all I can say is ---- >>>  Breathe and Laugh, Breath and Laugh! (sigh)

If you have any disc trouble, I will save you the hassle of contacting Leapster ---  just go to the noted site below and select your device and install your disc information. 


Third warning on this device: I am angry that Leapster does not say on the box that you can purchase a rechargeable battery pack. Batteries are not included and that is noted on the box. What is one of the most important rules to follow if you want to sell your product. (Aside of reasonable cost)

DESCRIBE YOUR PRODUCT WELL! Give all the information you can about your product. DETAILS are important. If there are accessories you know that parents are going to ask about or want to know about. INCLUDE IT on the packaging. Seriously! Dont care about a carrying case, headphones, game gel cover. What I do care about is, Is there a battery pack that IS rechargeable!? HECK YES! Shame on Leapster for making this product so difficult for the parents. As I mentioned previously, I am obviously NOT the only unhappy parent on this device.

With that said: I STRONGLY suggest that you get a battery pack for this device or after 1 day of use the batteries are dead and you will need to change batteries. My son actually got maybe 3 hours of use from Duracell batteries that were just put in.  Other Leapster GS Exploer Accessories

Truth be known, I am literally exhausted with this device. I did come up with a positive remark. Our kids LOVE the fact they have their own (dsi) look a like device that they can take pictures on, edit and draw as well as play games on. Sorry that is all I honestly can give at this point.

 UPDATE: As of today, 2/28/13 we are now disputing Leapster for the battery pack order we placed over a week ago that has already been deducted from our account to pay the order and we still have not recieved it and they claim to not have recieved the order, that their company has already withdrawn money from our account for. FURIOUS! My best advice, Dont waste your money on junk!

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