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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Join The Review Crew Team

Today is the day!
If you have been wondering how you can join the TOS Review Crew Team, Now is the time to get your applications in. Here is all your information to get started. Clickt he attached link below the image and head over to the Review Crew blog and at the bottom of the post click open the application.
What are the benefits of being on the review crew?
1. To start, how about FREE CURRICULUM.
Have you ever wondered about this curriculum or that? Is it any good or not? Well now is your chance to find out about some of these curriculums.
It is really simple. Daily to every other day there will be a vendor sign up form. Just like with the review period you will be given a time frame to get this form filled out or you will miss out on your chance to review. On the form you will answer questions like:
  • How old your children are?
  • What grades?
  • Are you interested or not? They will give you an added box as to any other information you think they should know.
  • Address and Phone
IF you are accepted, you will recieve     either physical curriculum or online material.
When you recieve your material you will want to look it over right away, then prepare and begin using it. Now you will be given a time frame to use this curriculum in and a posting date. Once the posting date opens you will have an other time frame to get your post up. You do not want to be late on your review posts.  Presto, your done!
All you need is time and your honest opinion. 
2. Other benefits. Not only is there FREE material. Yes you get to keep it and do what ever with later. You can connect and meet a ton of other homeschooling parents from all over. I also want to mention that sometimes you may get a contact from vendors who are looking for some help come convention time.
You must have a blog and post more then 4 posts a week that are not related to reviews. You are required to ensure your posts are up prompt before the deadlines you are given.  Pretty simple! 
If you have any questions you can ask more over at the TOS Review Crew blog.
Are you ready? Head over to the Blog now and start your application. Click the attached link below this image.


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