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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

KinderBach Review

Our Review for KinderBach 
2014 Review Crew Year is UP!

Kinderbach Review

We recently were able to do a review for KinderBach online piano lessons. All of our children enjoy playing musical instruments, one being piano/keyboard. This site was great for my little ones who are learning to play. A lot of people don't realize that the best time to learn any musical instrument is at a young age. This is what makes KinderBach such a great piano website. Their site is based around children ages 3-7. 

What we got for this review?
We received a six month membership in place of our honest opinion and review of KinderBach's online piano lessons. My now 6,8,9 yo have been on enjoying lessons on The KinderBach Online Piano Lesson Membership with Teacher Corner. We have completed and enjoyed each of the six levels we have done. Each lesson has a weekly video lesson to go along with each week.  

Kinderbach Review

On the site you can find FREE sample downloads, online and printable lessons with coloring pages. They also offer a Free trail so you can see whether or not your family will like the website before you purchase it.

Kinderbach Review

Along with our membership to KinderBach, I want to add that with each level there are downloadable activity books that you can save to your computer and print off to use at a later time when you are ready for them. This also includes a certificate at the end of each level and stickers which we just printed off and pasted. A teacher's aid and guide to follow along with.

Here are some sample pages of what the site looks like.
Kinderbach ReviewKinderbach Review

Kinderbach ReviewUnfortunately, Our start to using this program was not a good one. We had a few family emergencies that took us away a little more then we anticipated. However, even though we had a few minor delays, we were still able to get on and enjoy this website and get through the necessary levels to do our review, thankfully.  To be honest not just from a teaching perspective, but from a parents perspective, I really liked how this site not only offered plenty of teaching aids in the curriculum. I more apprecated that they offered the visual aid by having a weekly video lesson. I have said it before on my blog, I love music but I have no "know how"  when it comes to teaching it. I am clueless! I grew up in music, took music in school and excelled but only by viusal learning or hearing what I needed. I struggled with learning notes and keys but over the years I am catching on with my little ones. I am glad to see them learning so much more and honestly easier then when I was younger and learning. My kids are so much like me when it comes to learning. Having the visual aid with the weekly video is a HUGE plus in my book.  To have her showing us step by step each week where at anytime we can go back and recap with her when we struggle, is super huge and I very much appreciate that she is there to help guide us through the lessons. My kids enjoy her videos and on top of them have fun doing the activities and playing on the piano. Although the site is noted for preschool learners, as I mentioned before my now 6, 8 & 9 yo enjoyed doing this program as well.

KinderBach right now is offering a limited time offer. You can get a whole year membership for $95.88, regular price of $130 a year. Thats $7.99 a month. Again this is only for a limited time. All prices are current at the time of this post and are subject to change after this post.  They also offer DVD Packages starting at $40.45 for those who prefer using the DVD's over the computer.
What you will get with your membership: 
    Kinderbach Review
  1. Access to all web lessons [over 240 sessions] by computer, iPad, Android Tablet, Kindle Fire or Nook.
  2. Accompanying downloadable PDF activity pages
  3. Access to all Teacher Corner materials [Levels 1 to 6 PDFs and Audio MP3s]
  4. Download all story books, coloring pages and song books!
 An other great feature is that KinderBach also offers an Iphone and Ipad app that you can download to continue your lessons. There is the KinderBach Simple Discover Free app and then there's the Classroom KinderBach School Version app which is $12.99 for the download.

Great news, If you have questions or just want to keep up with the latest, you can find KinderBach on the noted social media sites below:
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