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Friday, September 12, 2014

WOW -- SUPER DEAL -- American History Audio Blow Out

Ok generally I only post FREE items on this page and curriculum resources. 
BUT thi s is REDICULOUSLY HUGE, I have to share it!

You wont believe this super deal, 

If you are looking for AUDIO HISTORY, they are offering a FAREWELL OFFER on this HUGE AUDIO HISTORY BUNDLE.  

The farewell offer means that this bundle will never be sold again.
Why is this a rediculously huge deal?

There are over 400 Audio Classics in this bundle. Are you ready for this?
The REGULARY PRICE is $149.00. That is right, I typed $149.00 - Regular Price. I skimmed over this and love the bundle but thought, that price is high so I will pass on the bundle. This am I got up and checked my inbox and had an other email on the bundle and a brief comment from an other parent who purchased the bundle who nearly spilled her coffee in her lap when she seen the total. So I thought, "Ok, let me see what all the fuss is about."  WOWZERS!  The price certainly IS NOT no $100 that is for sure...

I am hesitant on the price because it certainly was a surprise when I seen the price they are offering at. But because I almost passed the offer up, for not seeing a sale price, I am going to tell you.


Ok, Are you ready for the price?

Look below the picture for the price and the link to get yours!

  1 Day and 16 Hours left.

Reg Price:  $149.00  
Get it NOW for $29.00

To get your bundle please 
click the attached link below:

Happy Schooling and Enjoy!

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