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Tuesday, March 3, 2015


One of the MOST IMPORTANT Tips of all:

No homeschooler should willingly give up their rights! 

In the past and even more recently we are seeing new coming homeschooler's and some who have schooled a short while. Some who have their student part time in public schools for extra curriculars. Regardless of the case of that schooler this post is made for every schooler. Please understand that urgency and importance that every schooler stay within what they are required by law.

If the law in your state does not require you to do whatever you are being asked, then do not do it!  Stay within what the state law requires of you. There is a reason that we have homeschool rights and laws to abide by. You may see no harm in what you are being asked - but please be assured that there is harm in giving up freely what you are not required to do!

You may not see the damage up front. You may not be one of the families fighting to keep and stand up for their rights, fighting to keep their children in homeschool or keep their children period.  Rest assured that across this country and even around the world other homeschooler's are fighting to protect their and - OUR - homeschool rights. It is unfortunate that anyone would have their rights violated. 
In cases like these it only makes it more important that all homeschooler's only give and do what they are required to do/give by law.

The fight other schooler's face is what helps keeps our rights in tact and their for all of us. The very moment a homeschooler is willing to open the door and give freely - rest assured it will open other doors that will hurt all homeschooler's down the road. So please heed the advice offered by every veteran homeschool advocate, every state representative and legal support - DO NOT give up any more then you are required to do by law.

We have these laws and homeschool rights for a purpose. That being to protect parental homeschooler's everywhere in their choice and freedom to homeschool their children. Allowing each parent give their child an opportunity for a better education and instill the values and beliefs that their family has.

Please understand that every choice, every decision you make regarding your rights as a homeschooler - it effects everyone, not just you! Bottom line when it comes down to it, giving up 
more information then you are required only opens other doors for the Government on attacking our rights, violating and even controlling homeschools - period!

In the future I encourage you to band together with homeschooler's everywhere to stand up and protect Homeschool Rights everywhere. Only give up what the law requires you to do - nothing more. Please, for the sake of every homeschooler all over the globe.  You may not be under attack right now but some where someone else is facing the biggest fight to keep homeschooling their children or just to keep their child - period.

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