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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Workbox Change up!

To view my origninal post : http://coneshomeschool101.blogspot.com/2010/01/my-workboxes.html

Workbox Change up:
I have added a few changes to our workbox system. I found another site that did a similar but different system. I eliminated the cards and made the pages for a binder and have 3 weeks worth of pages- thus to rotate the weeks out. I will use the first week for probably 3-4 weeks then rotate it out and move to the 2 week boxes and etc. They will already premade up but can easily be changed with the schedule.

I also want to add, We dont use the workboxes for all of our Homework. We will add a subject assignment in one or two but that is it. The remaining workboxes are for extra curricular activites, Hands on experimental learning or crafts. Our day before the workboxes was pretty organized but dull. This away our day now is a bit more organized with some fun. That was my whole search for checking out workboxes.

Here are pictures of some of my new changes:

These are the sheets I downloaded pdf and printed off, This one is a blank sheet that you can use for any day or if you do a field trip outing over the weekend you can use it in with that day - make a fun lesson out of it. I am all about learning even on the weekends, we should always be learning. If we go to the park, I will incorporate some fun activity or lesson. Now that warmer weather is coming, school will be more hands on and outdoorsy. ;)

The below picture I had half empty original post. Now it is full. Lol! God Love Chic Fil A. If you have one close to you, the kids meals are great. There is always some sort of learner book, or experiment in the meals. I just love it. Summer time and especially back to school they will usually get science experiments and funnels or measuring cups as I have in box number 11. Just love it. There is also a few things for the Creation lesson project I and a friend are putting together. Lots of hands on material to make learning fun. I can not wait to share this with you when we finalize it. Yay!

If your system is stress or draining to you, mix it up a little bit. You dont have to do it by the book the way Sue Patrick has it designed out. The most important thing I tell everyone is "What works for one family, Does not always work for another family!" This is where we all have to play around and find out what works best for us. Later on I will try to head over to a friend of mine and get a picture of her system so I can show you what works best for her. The most important thing that she and I both agreed on was SPACE. We didnt want to consume our house in school. She has much less space then I do and even tho I may have a little more room, I still dont want to consume my house with Sue Patricks workboxes all over the place. I think that system is great, more so for the little ones but when you have older kids to that are schooling, implementing what works best for you is what definately needs to be taken in to consideration. My dining room is temporarily turned into school room.

Our front door is right by the dining room, so I didnt want a slop of boxes all over the places. What a big turn off especially since we have pondering the thought to sell or house here in the next year or so.

I am not only looking for a great system but an attractive system at that. ;) So I encourage you to mix it up a little bit. If you are finding a mess of this or that with the system you are using then remix it up replacing or redoing this or that. Play with it until you find what works best for you. I hope these pictures help in some of the new changes I made. To see the original post you can click the link at the top of this post and it will direct you to the older post that I made as we began the new workboxes.

To get the pages I used - I got them from a fellow blogger from her posted squidoo page. You can view her blog here and her squidoo page:





Sheri said...

Hey, those pages look mighty familiar-LOL...thanks for sharing the links-that is why I do what I do-to help others out and help them want to do this! :0)

Sounds like you are coming into your own here and that is so wonderful! Keep up the posts-I love to see how others do this! Blessings!

What's in the Box?
IE: www.ideas4theworkbox.blogspot.com

homeschool101 said...

Lol, Shari I think I am and addict now! Lol! I love checking in with you. You have a lot of great ideas that seem less complicated then the whole original system. Thanks for your help! :)