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Friday, April 23, 2010

Homeschooling in Slump Economy

Recently, I was on with a friend talking about school, our economy, and struggles alot of us face as a homeschooler and really just an ordinary person trying to thrive in this economy.

If you are one of the many struggling, I want to encourage you - DO NOT GIVE IN or GIVE Up. Continue on with your schooling and have FAITH because our heavenly FATHER will never leave us or let us down.

What are some ways to save $ in this economy on curriculum?

Look for bargains at any of these places and others : Half Price book stores, Ebay, Garage Sales - So many schoolers have sales and schoolteachers are big on sales in summer time., TOS [This old schoolhouse] offers curriculum swaps, sales and so much more. The WORLD WIDE WEB has alot of resources for you. Alot of freebies and downloads.

There are a lot of great resources out there that you can get a hold of and use for little to No cost at all. But you will need to make some changes and do some research. Ask for some help if you need to. Shortly once I get all of these codes added I will have a drop box to the side that will link you to alot of great resources. [trying to hurry]

http://www.facebook.com/TnLCones?ref=profile#!/note.php?note_id=119103758105610&id=117216903242&ref=mf - You can check this link out for a few other links with resources as well.

You could also team up with local schoolers near you and work some subjects together. Listen, Dont over load your plate, thinking you have to get through 5 subjects in one day. Your kids may not learn all that is related to that subject and or may struggle adapting to that pace. Take your time and work as long as you need on your subject. IF there is a hunger for more of that particular lesson, Go after it while it is there. You have enough time to make up the rest. Take your time and do not over load your plate.

So many are at a burn out or ready to give up schooling their kids. The biggest reason is because their plate is overwhelmed with so much to do in so little time. Why? One of the biggest reasons schooling parents struggle is they are adapted to the public agenda. If your kids came out from a public school chances are, there is more adaption to their school schedule then to your own. It takes time to adjust. Your first 2 years of schooling are the roughest but it is because you are still trying to adapt and make necessary changes as well as finding out what works for you.

Now on an other note, you may be veteran of schooling and just plum tuckered out. Chances are you have scheduled more then you can handle for this time. Slow up some and rearrange your schedule eliminating some things or postponing them for a later date.

There are all kinds of sources out there to help you with your schooling, budget and planning. Plan ahead but dont plan to far ahead because you are always going to have a change here or there. Dont overwhelm yourself or your kids that you are not enjoying your learning.

http://www.currclick.com/index.php?free=1&filters=0_0_0 is a great site with curriculum as well as alot of FREEBIES.

Take your time and break if you need to for a day or week. However long you need to give your self a chance to drop your stress load, and pick back up to your schedule with a clearer thought process and schedule. Start slow and work yourself back up.

Remember you are on your schedule. Dont rush because you think you need to have this or that done. Relax you will accomplish everything that needs to be accomplished but in your timing and your childs learning time. There is no need to be in a hurry all that is going to do is stress you out and your child, and fill your plate over its capacity. So take a deep breath and take it one step at a time.

I will try to get them drop boxes up for you shortly. Please pardon the mess until then.

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