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Friday, June 18, 2010

Awards! :)

I received these blogger awards from Wendy over at  http://www.wendygunn.net/ . I havent been on to do awards lately but I have received a few and wanted to share my thanks to everyone. I have been going through trying times lately, My dad had his transplant surgery, Finally, Doing great at home. This weekend our Bank Account was hacked into and they wiped us completely out. But Thank God we are covered and will be credited it back. Really an unending battle lately. Our dog also decided to play dumb a day and eat our cats food and now he is paying for it, he has been so sick since last night after eating it. I just keep saying, "REALLY"! I have had enough so anytime let up with the crudd storms."  Lol! 

So to Wendy and all the other bloggers awarding, Thank you much.. God Bless you!

The Rules:

1. Thank the person who gave you this award.

2. Share 10 things about yourself.

3. Pass the award along to 10 bloggers who you have recently discovered and who you think are fantastic!

4. Contact the bloggers you've picked and let them know about the award.

 Ten Things about Me:

1. Love Photography...

2. I am sitting at computer typing up my Post for Fit Mommy Friday [for other blog] :P

3. I Hate Hate Hate Neighborhood Additions & Home Owners Associations.

4. Annoyed easily [partly due to my thyroid - never a dull moment].

5. Love eating cheesecakes - weakeness

6. Homeshchool mommy of 2 soon to be 3.

7. Dreaming to move to the country to have my own farm..

8. Love my family and having family outings or time together.

9. I Love History Period...

10. Love Italian Food.

I have selected the following great blogs for the awards, Man it was a doozy, all of you have such great blogs to choose from. :)

1. http://www.jasmine-aboverubies.blogspot.com/  A wonderful blog and wonderful blogger.

2. http://mc-anybodywantapeanut.blogspot.com/  Good to have the pal back up and running.

3. http://scrapandlapbooks.blogspot.com/   Love this blog, She has so many wonderful things for Lapbooking... Love it!

4. http://sweetkarafaith.blogspot.com/2010/06/walking-walk.html  - This blog about a little angel named Kara Faith. This blog has been so precious and dear to me. The mother is truly an inspiring courageous woman sharing about their journey with Kara. I followed her from the beginning, I cried with their loss and praised with heavens gain. Truly inspiring blog..

5. http://ourworldwideclassroom.blogspot.com/  Great blog on Homeschooling

6. http://ourbusyhomeschool.blogspot.com/   Great Homeschool blog who also is schooling year round. I dont feel so left out. Lol. :)

7.  http://meeshimama.blogspot.com/  Great blog to visit.

8. http://assemblyofgodblogs.blogspot.com/  Very inspiring blog. Love to visit

9. http://frugalfabulousfinds.blogspot.com/  Great blog to visit!

10. http://chaimommy.blogspot.com/  Great blog to visit. Lots of interesting posts.  :)

Congratulations to you great bloggers, But every blogger deserves an award for the time and devotion to their blog, posts and to all of us in blogger world. Pat yourself on the back...



Sheri said...

Thanks-I will try to get to the post within the next week-altho it may have to wait til the following weekend-I have a speech to write and subsequent lecture to give, company for dinner, and other various things-kinda a nutty week. :0) Thanks-very kind of you dear! :0)


Far Above Rubies said...

Tiffany, thank you so much for thinking of me.

Hey girl - congratulations on #3. Where have I been? I didn't know you were expecting.

I'm so happy for you my friend.

Love you,


homeschool101 said...

Hee, Hee, Your so funny girl. Homeschooling my number 3. Lol. I have 5 kids already, Lol, Just getting ready to school number 3. :) I must of been tired or something when I Posted. Lol. Sorry.

Kylie said...

oh thank you somuch, very kid. I will get to passing them on over the next couple of weeks. :)

Denise Opper said...

Wow! What an honor! Thank you so much! :) I'll get my post off hopefully by the end of the day. You're such a sweetheart...thank you again.

homeschool101 said...

Awe, your welcome. Everyone deserves to know they are doing something great. Have a great day!