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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Native American Fun...

So excited. Starting Tuesday we are diving in on the Native lessons and fun.  Two whole weeks learning, making crafts, recipes and wrapping it up with a mini movie on Indians, and Heading to a weekend of Festivites.

We will also mix in some colonial, a lesson lapbook on Johnny Appleseed since festival will be apart of our weekend of fun.

I am in the midst of making my own weaving stand. I will post on it when I get it done tom. The craft we are going to do said use a box or 2 sticks. Well it is just too time consuming and requires 2 people to help it work. From what I have read they had a stand [ we will call it ] made from wood and they sat under it indian style and weaved their making. So the two stick method is a BOMB!

So when I get the stand made I will post it and show you. I am making it out of left over material I had in my garage from an other item. Lol! :)

This is going to be fun. Keep stopping by to see our latest. :)

Have a great Holiday!

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