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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Our Weaving Stand

Ok so here is the weaving stand I made over the weekend.  That is a lot of nailing. Lol! But we were able to weave with our native american lesson today. We have 20 rows started and we are debating to do an other color with it. I dont know what it will be but it was fun. Kids had a blast. The good thing is we can use this stand for weaving anything. They make ones like these in craft sections at store. I just recycled wood and used nails and made a big stand. Lol. Fun Fun, but concentration is a must and patience. 

The benefits of weaving are many.  One survival use, great on motor skills for little ones, [hands, eyes]. You can make a lot of neat things once you get the hang of it. Not just a lesson on Native American, you can make a lot of things on the stand and have lots of fun at times. Lol!


Renee said...

Oh Tiff, that is GREAT! Looooooooooooove it

homeschool101 said...

Thank you. Didnt take too long. Just a pain hammering nail every inch. Lol. ;)

Renee said...

lol,bet that was a pain rofl

homeschool101 said...

Yes it was. Lol, my fingers were black from the nails. But it is done. We have two new colors on it. Will post it when we are done. ;)