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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

FREE 3rd Grade Math Curriculum -- Limited Time Offer


A+ TutorSoft  is offering the FULL 3rd grade Interactive MATH Curriculum CD for FREE!  (just pay shipping) You can order yours HERE!  (Retail is $99.99) for limited time (offer expires in November).

This is the Standard Edition of the Interactive MATH Software CD and includes:
  • 1) Multimedia lessons (highly animated lessons that combine all three learning modalities - Audio, Visuals and Text-based instructions)
  • 2) Interactive Q&A which identifies gaps and reinforces learning with step-by-step problem solving instructions using Audio, Visuals and text-based instructions.
  • 3) Printable worksheets.
  • 4) Worksheets Solution Guide Parent's Manual {with step-by-step problem solving instructions to each worksheet problem}
  • 5)Printable Exams.
  • 6) Exams Solution Guide Parent's Manual {with step-by-step problem solving instructions to each exam problem}
  • 7) Curriculum Book {Full year curriculum book in digital format on the CD}
  • 8) Lesson Plan.
  • 9) Reference sheets.  

This link will take you to the Feature Description page : A+ TutorSoft also offers a Premium Edition for just $20 more. It’s well worth the $20 as it includes time saving features such as Progress Tracking, Reporting, Parental Controls and Weekly Certificate of Accomplishments.

You can view examples of the premium edition here... http://www.aplustutorsoft.com/FeatureComparisonNew.jsp
If you would like to add the Premium Edition to the FREE 3rd grade math you can do so and just pay the $20 difference.

Again, you can head over HERE to get your FREE CD Math Curriculum or upgrade to the $20. This is a great deal.

This post is a courtesy post from a friend on the HSL. She has reviewed this item and posted this information for all who are interested to recieve. To view her full review page you will need to sign in to the HSL and you can  See It Here .

Other wise you can read her review on my blog post link attached below:

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