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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A+ TutorSoft Math - Courtesy Review

This review is from a fellow HS'r on the lounge who has a special offer at the end of this post. I am posting this review over here for those who are not members of the HS lounge that may be interested in this special offer. This is a limited time offer so please read her review and then head over to the special post noted at the bottom of this page. I take no credit on this post or the other linked to this page. I am simply passing along her post for everyone to recieve this special offer.

Are your children bored or unmotivated to do math lessons? If so, you will want to read on for my review of A+ TutorSoft.

The A+ TutorSoft –  Full 3rd Grade Interactive Math Curriculum Software CD is thorough,
well planned out and requires little to no prep... all of the planning is done for you! There are many online math programs to choose from, and we have tried a few, but I was pleasantly surprised at how well put together this program is. You can view the full table of contents for this 3rd grade program here. It is pretty extensive and covers all areas

The interactive multimedia lessons are highly animated and combine all three learning modalities - Audio, Visuals and Text-based instructions. This interactive curriculum definitely grabbed the attention of my son.

The program comes complete with the full curriculum book on CD, multimedia lessons, printable worksheets, exams, teachers guides, reference sheets, help menu and a recommended lesson plan for moms that would like some guidance. Books are also available for purchase if you would rather have a hard copy.

The program is very easy to navigate and if you are not computer savvy, no problem, Help is just a phone call away.

The program is broken down into 3 main sections:
  • Menu bar - where you can navigate to each section of the program.
  • Table of contents - where the lesson or teachers guides are broken down.
  • Content window - where each lessons is explained and completed.
The program is very easy to use, lessons are short and the "Help" button offers extra explanation, making it easy for the student to work on their own.. "D" (my 3rd grader) enjoyed being able to get through many of the lessons on his own by listening and reading the step by step instructions. The interactive Flash Cards were fun to use, they allowed him to drill and practice while receiving real-time feedback and step-by-step instructions.

It is important our children to have the ability to adapt to the ever changing high tech world. What better way to allow our children to use technology then for learning and problem solving!

I would definitely recommend A+ TutorSoft! It's a comprehensive math curriculum that is simple to navigate, easy to use and very affordable!

A+ TutorSoft has a special offer this week only. You can recieve the FULL 3rd Grade Curriculum FREE just pay s/h. To learn more about this special offer and view the curriculum to its entirety, please go Here.
Happy Schooling!

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