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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Merging Links to DropBoxes again

Heads up!

While my little ones are still recovering, I will be merging posts in to drop boxes. So if you are looking for any certain post and you can not find it, please scroll down and look through the drop boxes. The posts that have links and some explanation to I may just leave them up. But for the most part the linked posts will be merged over to dropboxes. I am a little behind on my merging and posts are accumulating. Lol!

Happy Schooling!

By the way - I also wanted to welcome all of the new visitors that have been swinging in through the blogs. Many of you are visiting from here with in the country and alot are swinging by from other countries. How exciting is this! I think I may need to search for a follower link that allows everyone a chance to follow not just google users. :) At any rate --  WELCOME, WELCOME, WELCOME! 

Though you are silent visitors for now, I see you dropping in all the time and I  am happy to have you visit. I hope your finding all you need here on the blog. If not please feel free to ask. I also encourage you to follow the blog if you haven't already, for all the latest updates. Again, I welcome you to the blog - Happy to have you..

Happy Schooling Everyone!

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