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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Posts_Links Merged To DropBoxes

The following are the related linked posts that were added to the DropBoxes tonight:
  • Art              (Updated with more sites)
  • Music         (Updated with more sites,   Added Free Lessons DropBox)
  • Animals     (Updated with more sites) 
  • Virtual Field Trips      (Added more sites)
  •  Science       (Updated with more sites,  Added Astronomy & Solar System)
This week,  I will continue to merge posts & links to the dropboxes at the left side of the page and scrolling down. I have also linked a few other bloggers to the side of the page. I also have some other links I will be adding that were sent to me by a fellow blogger. I just havent been able to get them up. My little ones are still recovering. :)  Please continue to check back for all the latest updates. Feel free to spread the word to all you know would benefit from this blog.
I also want to draw your attention to the left side of the screen. I added a widget with various Flags from around the world. This will better help anyone from any continent to read all the posts and dropbox titles on this blog in their native language and better assist them in finding what they or you rather -  are looking for.

I am really excited to see that this blog is helping people from all over this world to better educate and assist their child(ren) in their learning. Praise God, How exciting!
This is exactly what I prayed this blog would do and now I am seeing it through. It excites me to see others care about their childs education just as much as I do and this blog is able to help you along your journey, Be it public school, private school or homeschool... This site will help anyone in some way! How Awesome!  

Thank you for allowing me to be of some help with your schooling needs and for stopping by each visit.   :) 
God Bless you all! :)           

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