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Saturday, April 28, 2012

K-8 Math Games & Worksheets

Free interactive games and printable worksheets that help kids practice their math skills. Visit http://www.dositey.com/2008/index-page-free_activities.php At the site you'll see a menu divided by grade level like the noted:
  • K-2 - Match numerals with number words and practice multiplication facts to 20.
  • 3-4 - Practice rounding numbers, add 3-digit numbers, and practice division.
  • 5-8 - Match fractions to their decimal equivalents, play games to learn the metric system, explore negative numbers, and solve some short word problems.
  • All Ages - Some math games for ages 5-105.
When you click on a menu item a new page opens with a menu of the FREE Math Games. Be sure to click on "See more Math" to access the printable worksheets. You'll also find some Free Language Arts games that help kids develop reading skills. This site offers the free math activities and also a purchased selection of activities. You don't have to purchase anything to use the free games or worksheets. Happy Schooling!

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