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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Homeschool Curriculum Under Review

Homeschool Curriculum Up For Review
If you are looking at curriculum and you still have questions or want more details, please be sure to follow our TOS Homeschool Crew Review Blog. We are now beginning to recieve the material we will be reviewing.
By following TOS Review Crew Blog you will be able to read reviews from bloggers everywhere. We are reviewing a variety of homeschool material
Here on this blog, the following homeschool material will be reviewed and posted beginning in February.

This curriculum benefits:
* parents of elementary-aged children
* middle-school aged students and their parents
* high school students and their parents
* college students and their parents

This is on the Premium Edition Curriculum

Song School Spanish for K-3 grade.

I'm looking forward to these reviews. We just recieved the Classical Academic - Song School Spanish. We are eager and excited about doing these reviews. Please stay tuned for the posts coming up beginning in February.
Happy Schooling.

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