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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Online Accredited Schools

Here are a list of Online Accredited Schools. I personally have not used these sites but I am considering for the coming school year with my High Schooler.

I do recommend you do research on the school to ensure it will meet your child/family needs. There are a lot of reviews out there about these schools. I highly suggest checking out the reviews. I am working to get some reviewers to comment on this post. 

You can also check by subjects or career by visiting HSLDA High School Curriculum/Career. Some schools noted below may be listed there as well.

(If you have used or worked with any of the following please comment and share your experience.)

Also if there is your school is NOT on the list, Please let me know so I can add it. Thanks!

Online Accredited Schools:

All Grades PreK to High School     (both Secular and Christian)

Secular Based Online Accredited Homeschool   
(I do not have many Seuclar Based online schools (k-12), So if there are more please let me know. There are High School level online schools noted below with College)

Christian Based Online Accredited Homeschool

High Schools & College (Secular and Christian based)

Again if you have used or are using any of the above schools, please leave a comment below this post with the (name of school) used or using and what you think about that school. Would you recommend it? Why or Why Not? Thank you!

Happy Schooling!

1 comment:

RLill said...

I did University of Nebraska Lincoln when I was in the 10th & 11th grades. Loved it. I think the work might be a bit intense for some people, though. From what I remember there were a lot of essays to write, but I loved how well instructions were written out. Back then though we were doing distance learning by mailing work back & forth- as in packages of huge textbooks that came with booklets. I felt that they were very comprehensive but other people took one look at it & felt that it was too advanced. Not sure what it's like these days as that was more than 15years ago.

Aside from that, I use ACE to homeschool my daughters. My eldest is 13, so not yet highschool. I will supplement with even more alternative sources the older she gets.